11th Class Computer Science Guess Papers 2024

11th class computer science guess papers 2019 online download pdf

Intermediate Part 1 Computer subject is not much tough but some of the students don’t pay interest in this subject and as result, they say that subject is very tough and look for 1st Year Computer  Science Guess Papers 2024 on internet. If all the students pay some attention to the lecture and classes then they can understand all the topics and chapters easily but students give more importance to other subjects like chemistry or physics so they are bound to keen some help from model papers & 11th Class Computer Science Guess Papers 2024. Here at webstudy.pk you can download the latest guess papers of this subject and can prepare the examination so that you can get passing marks but I am sure that if you prepare these subjects with interest then you can get flying and good marks.

Inter 11th Class Computer Guess Papers 2024

Webstudy.pk is here for all those students who are searching for 11th Class Computer Guess Papers 2024. They can download free pdf all chapters important questions and answers. These guess papers are totally free of cost and you can also share them with your friends so that they can also get an idea of exams. 1st Year Computer Guess Papers 2024 Download free links are available below. Chapter-wise important short questions and vimp long questions are posted here at webstudy.pk. you should also bookmark this website as you can get admission information of all the universities in Pakistan, the latest results, and merit lists. You can also download guess papers & model papers of each class and subject. Note that all these guess papers are collected from online sources for authentic & latest guess papers visit your nearest Urdu Bazar.

Computer Short Question

Scanning Input Devices, Memory, Laser Printer, Information Technology and Benefits, Memory Storage Units, Topology and Types, Data Communication, Email, Uses and Abuses of Email, Modem, OSI Model, Buses and Types, Registers and Types, Modes of Transmission, Block Diagram of a Digital Computer, Stack and Operations, Web Browser and types & Virus and Types.

Difference Between

Synchronous & Asynchronous Transmission, Impact and Non-Impact Printers, ROM and RAM, Primary and Secondary Storage, Compiler and Interpreter, Application and System Software,  Analog and Digital Signals



Computer Long Question Answer

Printer and Types, Type of printers, Network typologies, Operating System and Objectives, Program and Types of Programming Language, Functions of Operating System, OSI Model with Diagram, Secondary Memory and Secondary Storage Devices, Fetch Cycle with  Diagram, Network Protocol and Types, Internet and Role of ISP, Different Types of Threats and Protection,Type of viruses.

11th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2024

Short Questions & Answer Computer Science 11th Class

  • How does a mouse work?
  • Identify two alternatives to a mouse.
  • What is E mail?
  • Write the function of transport layer.
  • What is data?
  • What is modulation?
  • Define band width?
  • What is system software?
  • What is signal?
  • Write two functions of network layer.
  • Define bit and byte.
  • Give any two examples of hard ware components.
  • Differentiate between serial transmission and parallel transmission.
  • How tree topology is constructed .
  • What is FTP?
  • What is plotter?
  • How does FDM work?
  • Different between software and hardware.
  • What is purpose of CPU?
  • How is data transmitted in asynchronous transmission?

Short Questions Inter 1st Year Computer Science

  • Define main memory.
  • Differentiate between SRAM and DRAM.
  • What is the purpose of data security?
  • Define robot.
  • Why RAM is called random access memory?
  • Define use of serial port.
  • What are the uses of computer in industry?
  • What is interrupts?
  • List five components of computer architecture.
  • What is DMA? Define it
  • what is online education?
  • Why is backup important?
  • Write the use of memory buffer register.
  • Define AU and LU of CPU?
  • Name four general purpose registers.

Important Short Questions Of Computer 1st Year

  • What do you know about the world wide web.
  • Define the internet.
  • What is text editor?
  • What is spreadsheet program?
  • Define header and footer in MS word.
  • Describe a function in MS excel.
  • Define graphic user interface with example.
  • What is cell and cell address.
  • List any two advantages of spreadsheet.
  • Describe the purpose of control panel.
  • Give two examples of built in function in MS excel.
  • Write difference between copy and cut.
  • Define desktop.
  • Start the purpose of disk management utility.
  • Why does computer need an operating system?

Important Long questions 11th Class Computer Science

  • Why language translators are used? discuss types of language translators.
  • What is impact printer? Discuss dot matrix and line printer.
  • Discuss any four causes of virus in detail.
  • What is guided media ? explain fiber optic cable and coaxial cable.
  • What is bus? Explain types of system buses.
  • What is topology? Explain different types of topologies.
  • What is video display screen? Explain CRT and flat panel display.
  • What do you know about unguided media? Explain microwave and satellite media.
  • What is nonimpact printer? Discuss laser printer and inkjet printer.
  • Define network? Explain its types in detail.

Intermediate 1st Year All Subjects Guess Papers 2024



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