Yaum e Pakistan Resolution Day 23 March HD Wallpapers

Pakistan Day (Yaum-e-Pakistan ) was first celebrated on March 23, 1940 and also known as Lahore Resolution, the world’s first  Pakistan for the creation of Pakistan dominion during the transition to the Pakistan first constitution -making is celebrated in honor of the national holiday in Pakistan.  The armed forces of the Pakistan day Day parade is part of the event at quaid e azam shirine at karachi that is also called city of lights.

23rd March Youm e Pakistan Day HD Wallpapers 2017

Today, the Muslim League, the Minar-e-Pakistan on the occasion of the Day is celebrated as a case of political decision making. The resolution of 23 March 1940, the British-controlled areas in the north-east of India and north-western regions of the Muslim-majority states envisaged the establishment of an independent federation. Since then, this day is celebrated as a national holiday every year and as a rule the state level, on the occasion of the celebrationof the Armed Forces of Pakistan Resolution day military parade.

People of pakistan celebrate this year with great spirit and happiness. They pray for the martyers who sacrifices their lives to make this country for their beloveds so that we muslims of subcontinent can live with peace. People tuns their walls into art gallery with beautiful pakistani flags and with potrates of pakistani heros like Quaid e azam, Allama Iqbal and others. Their desktop wallpapers changes into pakistani flag or 23 march pakistan day HD wallpapers for desktop or PC. pakistani changes their social media profile pics with pakistan day 23rd march beautiful and style facebook dpz. 23rd march pakistan resolution day pretty fb cover photos are available here at page so that you can change your facebook account cover photo to celebrate this pak day.

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