Utility Store Rate List January 2023

The government of Pakistan has announced a special subsidy on 19 basic items available at utility stores in Pakistan during Ramzan month. Utility Stores Rate List January 2023 is revised now for the holy month of Ramadan and there is a great relief on 19 necessary kitchen items. Utility Stores Ramzan Relief Package Details & Price List is given below in this article.

Utility Stores Rate List January 2023

you can also get a subsidy from the government of Pakistan on purchasing kitchen necessary items by providing your CNIC photocopy to the in-charge and can get Rs 1000 Rashan Scheme Relief by Imran Khan PTI government. Utility Stores Price List January 2023 is also available on each store’s main gate. Incharge of Pakistan Utility stores corporation said that citizens of Pakistan can get up to Rs 3000 Relief from each branch all over Pakistan.

Utility Store Rice Price January 2023

Chana will be available at Rs 162, Dal Mong at Rs 170 per kg, Dal Mash at Rs 268, Dal Masoor at Rs 215 and high quality dates at Rs 140 per kg at all stores. Tea (950 grams) is being provided at utility stores at Rs. 1042. Apart from this, the prices of spices have also been increased. A 100-gram packet of turmeric has been increased from Rs. 35 to Rs. 43. Sogram packet of turmeric has been increased by Rs. 8.

Utility Store Ghee & Sugar Rate January 2023

The price of 5 packets of one liter has increased to Rs 44 and 12 packets of one liter to Rs 62. While ghee increased from Rs 203 per kg to Rs 251 per kg and oil from Rs 244 to Rs 273 per liter. Under the Ramadan package, a 20 kg bag of flour will be available at Rs 800, sugar at Rs 68 per kg and ghee at Rs 170 per kg, tea leaves at Rs 50 per kg, and white gram. Rs 15 per kg, Rs 15 to 30 per kg on pulses, Rs 20 per kg on dates, Rs 10 to 12 per kg on rice, Rs 20 per kg on the basin, and 10 percent discount on spices.

Tota Rice Price Utility Store January 2023 Pakistan

The price of a packet of basmati rice (tota) has gone up by Rs 8 to Rs 84 from Rs 76 per kg. The price of cashew has been increased by Rs 1,190 per kg and pistachio by Rs 915 per kg. After the increase in prices, the price of cooking oil has been increased by Rs 29 per liter. The price of brand ghee has been increased by Rs 24 per kg and the price of a one-liter pack of brand milk has been increased by Rs 5.

Shampo & Milk Price Utility Store Today January 2023

The milk liter pack has been increased from Rs 147 to Rs 152 and: The price of cereals for children has been increased from Rs 20 to Rs 38. After an increase in the price of brand shampoo from Rs. 9 to Rs. 20: A bottle of 90 mg of shampoo has increased from Rs. 89 to Rs. 98. Prices of laundry detergent, coffee, and tea whitener have also been increased.

یوٹیلیٹی اسٹورز رمضان المبارک ریلیف پیکج

1100 سے 1350 مارکیٹ ریٹ 950 روپے 20 کلوگرام گندم کے آٹے کے تھیلے کی قیمت
86 سے 93 روپے مارکیٹ ریٹ 85 روپے ایک کلوگرام چینی
470 روپے مارکیٹ ریٹ 260 روپے کلو سبسڈائزڈ گھی کی قیمت
494 روپے مارکیٹ ریٹ 407 روپے ایک لیٹر تیل کی قیمت
250 سے 260 روپے اوپن مارکیٹ 213 روپے سفید چنا
190-220 روپے اوپن مارکیٹ 170 روپے بیسن
268 روپے دال ماش 162 روپے دال چنا
215 روپے دال مسور کلو170 روپے دال مونگ
(950 گرام) 1042 روپے چائے 140 روپے اعلی کوالٹی کی کھجوریں

Utility Store Sugar Rate January 2023

Government of Pakistan utility Store Ramzan Relief January 2023 Rate List January 2023 for Sugar, Ghee, Grains, wheat flour, shampoo, tea Patti, cheeni rate at utility store is Rs 94 per kg and ghee is also available at affordable prices. Utility store Ghee Price January 2023 is Rs 260 Per kg but the same ghee is available in the market at Rs 470. Utility Store 20 Kg Flour Rate is also decreased after government change in Pakistan. Utility Store Price List 2023 pdf format is also available on this page that you can download free from this page. During Ramadan, the price of a liter of oil in stores will be Rs 407 instead of Rs 494. According to the announcement, under the Ramadan relief package, white gram sold at Rs 250-260 per kg in the open market will be available at utility stores at Rs 213, the basin at Rs 170 instead of Rs 190-220, one kg of dal.

Utility Store Price List 2023 Today

You can check online Utility store Rate List 2023 today from webstudy.pk and you can also download Utility Store Ramzan Package Rate List January 2023. After the government change in Pakistan officials of Pakistan utility stores corporation has issued a notification of an increase in prices of various brands of banaspati ghee and Sufi oil price utility store January 2023 hence ghee will be expensive by Rs 48 per kg and Rs 29 per liter cooking oil.

Utility Store Ramzan Discount Offer Details January 2023

In a month, however, the price of pulses has declined somewhat. Pulses are being sold at Rs 150 per kg from Rs 180 and dal mash at Rs 240 per kg. At the wholesale and retail levels, there was a difference of Rs 15-20 per kg in the price of pulses. The price of pulses has gone up from Rs 230 to Rs 250 per kg. At present, mill flour is being sold at Rs 58 per kg from Rs 55 and fine flour at Rs 48 per kg. According to vendors, after the lifting of the ban on inter-provincial movement of wheat, a reduction of Rs 200 per kg in wheat sacks was announced.

All the items on utility stores are available in large quantities in all the 4000+ utility stores across Pakistan. You can also purchase items through Prime Minister Utility Stores Ramzan Relief Package 2023 up to Rs 3000/-. Utilitystore rate list 2023 complete is given above.

At utility stores, figs cost Rs 705 per kg, black gram Rs 215 per kg, hot spices Rs 18 per 100 grams, cardamom Rs 25 per gram, Rs 118 per kg, and dried dates Rs 175 per kg. Rewari 200 grams Rs 27, 200 grams betel spice Rs 23, 100 grams lick spice Rs 10, toothpaste price Rs 10, shampoo and soap price was also increased by Rs 10, 10.

Is.No commodities  measure  RATE s.Nol commodities  measure RATE
1 Wheat Per kg 59-61 41 Guava Per kg 80-170
2 Wheat(Atta) Per kg 66-67 42 Melon Per kg 100
3 Maida Per kg 70-71 43 Water Melon Per kg 65
4 Suji Per kg 80 44 Fruiter Per Dozen
5 Maize Atta Per kg 60 45 Grapes Per kg 220
6 Rice Superior Per kg 155-170-182 46 Shama Ghee Tin 16 kg 7000
7 White Gram Per kg 198-210-240 47 Other Brand Tin 16 kg 6700
8 Black Gram Per kg 160 48 Potato Per kg 30-40
9 Gram pluses Per kg 49 Kachalo Per kg 60
10 Mash Per kg 260 50 Arvi Per kg 100
11 Masoor Per kg 205 51 Pumpkin Per kg 90
12 Moong Per kg 155-170 52 Bitter Gourd Per kg 110
13 Bean Per kg 53 Lady Finger Per kg 200
14 Korkha Per kg 175-190 54 Tori Per kg 140
15 Dal Channa Per kg 142-150-165 55 Tanda Per kg 80
16 Besan (SO) Per kg 125-168 56 Spinach Per bundle 7
17 Black Tea Per kg 1100 57 Garlic Per kg 240-380
18 Green Tea Per kg 940 58 Tomato Per kg 150-190
19 Brazilian Tea Per kg 960-1300 59 Onion Per kg 70
20 Green Tea Dus Per kg 425 60 Peas Per kg 120
21 Sugar of market Per kg 81-88 61 Chilly Per kg 80
22 Sugar U/store Per kg 85 62 Kashmiri Per kg 70
23 Curd Per kg 130 63 Cucumber Per kg 50
24′ Shaker Per kg 64 Turinp Per kg 50
25 Fresh Milk Per kg 130 65 Cabbage Per kg 60
26 Powder Milk Pre kg 1080 66 Flower Cabbage Per kg 40
27 Gur Per kg 140 67 Ginger Per kg 200
28 Lose Ghee Per kg 419-438 68 Bingil Per kg 60-80
29 Desi Ghee Per kg 1800-2500 69 Lemon Per kg 240
30 Edible oil Per kg 375-475 70 Rice Superior Per bag 8428-8918
31 Beef Per kg 500-550 71 Wheat 100 kg 5900-8918
32 Mutton Per kg 1100 72 Sugar 50 kg 4070
33 Hen Per kg 251 73 Local wheat Atta 80 kg 5280
34 Eggs Per Dozen 180 74 Local Atta 20 kg 1290-1320
35 Banana Per Dozen 80-190 75 Local Atta (Fine) 20 kg 1340-1380- 1390
36 Malta Dozen 180 76 Punjab Atta 20 kg 1330-1340
37 Kino Per kg 100-230 77 Punjab Atta (Fine) 20 kg 1360-1390- 1400-1430
38 Apple Per kg 90-160-210- 260 78 Punjab Atta (fine) 85 kg 6000-6100
39 Mango Per kg 79 Punjab Atta 80 kg 5360
40 Apricot Per kg 80 U.S.C Atta 20 kg 950


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