Today Saria Price List 2023 In Pakistan

Saria is the main item if you are building your home and it is very important for the strength of the building. There are many types of saria diameters that are called Sutar in the native language. Saria Rate In Pakistan 2023 is different per sutar. In Pakistan 3-4 sutar Saria Price In Pakistan is 206/- per kg average in every city. Saria is also called Iron bar and its prices change every moment because of inflation and usage.

Iron Steel Bar Today Rate 2023 In Pakistan

All the companies’ Saria Prices 2023 in Pakistan are given below with complete details. Saria 1 Kg Rate 2023 in Pakistan is also available below along with Sariya 1 Metric Ton rates 2023 in Pakistan is also there. Saria 40 Grade Price In Pakistan 2023 is the best of walls and dumps into the walls. Best Saria For Lainter slabs is 60 Grade and here on this page, you can check online all its prices in sutar size and mm size also.

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Saria Price سریا Steel bar rate per KG in Pakistan.

Saria Size in Sutar 40 Grade 60 Grade
3 sutar – 10mm Rs. 272 / Kg Rs. 274 / Kg
Rs. 272,000 per metric ton Rs. 274,000 per metric ton
4 sutar – 12mm Rs. 270 / Kg Rs. 272 / Kg
Rs. 270,000 per metric ton Rs. 272,000 per metric ton
5    sutar – 16mm 6    sutar – 20mm Rs. 270/ Kg Rs. 270,000 per metric ton Rs. 273 / Kg Rs. 273,000 per metric ton
7    sutar – 22mm 8    sutar – 25mm Rs. 270 / Kg Rs. 270,000 per metric ton Rs. 273 / Kg Rs. 273,000 per metric ton


Steel Brand Price Per Kg
Amreli Steel Bar (Grade-60) Rs. 274-276
Kamran Steel (Grade-60) Rs. 273-275
Ittehad Steel (Grade-60) Rs. 277 – 279
Ittefaq Steel (Grade-60) Rs. 274-276
Al-Haj Steel(Grade-60) Rs. 270-272
Mughal Supreme Steel (Grade-60) Rs. 276-278
SJ Steel (Grade-60) Rs. 273-275
MS Steel(Grade-60) Rs. 272-274

All these prices are collected from different online sources but you can get exact Saria Rate 2023 in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, and dg khan local markets as their prices will be different because of a slight change in the company.

Note that always use Best Saria Brand while building your house because you only build a home once in your life and it should be strong enough. Therefore we have collected all this information regarding Today Saria Rate 2023 In Pakistan for you.

This Best Saria Price 2023 in Pakistan can be different in Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan, Gujranwala, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad, Bahawalpur.

Big Steel Iron Brand In Pakistan:

  • Pakistan Steel Mills
  • Ittehad Steel
  • Mughal Steel
  • Amreli Steel
  • Ittefaq Steel
  • Kamran Steel
  • AF Steel
  • FF Steel
  • Al Haj Asia Star Steel


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