Wheat Flour (Atta) Price In Pakistan Today August 2023

Flour is an essential kitchen item in each house as every human being eat tortillas in the morning, afternoon & at night time. In recent months due to the government change in Pakistan Flour Rate Today 2023 is now increased to 70 rupees and it’s still increasing. 10 KG Atta Price In Punjab Today 2023 is Rs 850 to 950. Prices vary according to the Flour Mills and areas.

Wheat Flour Atta Rate List Today August 2023

You can save this page for the future to know about Fine Flour Atta Rate List 2023 as we will update it every week. 1 KG Flour Ata Price In Faisalabad reached 165 rupees per kg and this is the very first time in history that the 10 Kg Flour Atta Price in August 2023 is so high. 15 Kg Flour bag is being sold in the market for 1800 rupees.

ملک کے مختلف شہروں میں آٹے کی قیمت
موجودہ ریٹوزنشہر
2950 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلااسلام آباد
2950 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاراولپنڈی
3000 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاپشاور
3000 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلالاہور
3000 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاملتان
3000 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاگوجرانوالہ
2750 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاکوئٹہ
3200روپے20کلو آٹے کا تھیلاکراچی
3250روپے20کلو آٹے کا تھیلاخضدار
3090روپے20کلو آٹے کا تھیلاحیدرآباد


1 KG Flour Atta Rate List August 2023

In recent years wheat was 2000-2400 rupees per 40 kgs and flour was Rs. 55 per kg expensive at that time but now in 2023 due to the government change & due to export of wheat to other countries Pakistan is now facing a heavy shortage of wheat. This 1 Kg Flour (Atta) Price In Pakistan in August 2023 is now at Rs. 165 per kilogram.

10 KG Atta Bag Price List August 2023

The government has given some subsidies to flour mills to prepare atta for Government Sasta Atta Scheme and govt also increased the quota of wheat for such flour mills. So from now Wheat Flour Atta Price In Lahore August 2023 will be available at Rs. 648 per 10 Kg and that will be a government subsidy atta. Private Flour bags will be at Rs. 1440 to 1500.

15 Kg Wheat Flour Price August 2023 In Karachi

Wheat flour is much demanding item all across Pakistan as everyone each roti so without it no one can survive. If it crosses gold even then you have to buy that. In Peshawar, 15 Kg wheat Flour Atta Prices August 2023 are 2500 Rupees. Wheat(Atta) Per kg Rs. 160-170 is fixed by rationing peshawar controller.

20 Kg (Attay Ka Thaila) Flour Atta Price In Pakistan August 2023

20 Kg Wheat Flour Price In Rawalpindi Islamabad is reached up to rs 3000 due to inflation. In Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore, 20 kg flour increased from Rs 1980 to Rs 3295. In Gujranwala. Sialkot, Faisalabad, and Multan, 20 kg flour increased from Rs 1980 to Rs 3295. The average price of a 20 kg bag of flour increased to Rs 1621.32.

Flour Atta Price List Today August 2023

Flour NameWeightRates
Sultan Atta Rate20 KGRs. 2950
Super Fine Atta Rate20 KGRs. 3095
Punjab Atta Number one Rate20 KGRs. 3000
Zeeton Atta Rate20 KGRs. 3050
Yadgar Atta Rate20 KGRs. 2950
Sunridge Super Fine Atta Rate5 KGRs.
Sunridge High Fiber Chakki Atta Rate5 KGRs.
Sunridge Fortified Chakki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Sadi Chuki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Anaaj Yousaf Chakki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Mughal Fine Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Olnaaj Amanat Wheat Chakki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Mughal Chakki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Lahore Grains Khaas Chaki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Bake Parlor Super Fine Aatta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Sunridge White Chakki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Ashrafi Mill Super Fine Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Bake Parlor Chaki Aata Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Al Khubz Chakki Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480
Shandar Super Fine Atta Rate10 KGRs. 1480



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