Today Vegetable Price In Pakistan April 2024

Today Vegetable Prices In Pakistan of various cities ie Sabzi Rate Today April 2024 Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, etc is increased as because of inflation and due to the latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan. Price of Tomato, potato, onions, green onions, dry onion, kaddu, ladyfinger bhindi, etc latest rate list according to the mandi is given here. Both Retail price & wholesale Sabzi Price today April 2024 is given here & updated daily so save this page to check daily vegetable PriceList.

Today Vegetable Price List April 2024

This is the official Vegetable Price Today In Lahore by the government that is also provided to each shopkeeper and vegetable vendor in the city. Vegetable Price List in Pakistan April 2024 is daily updated here as it is important for each home. Here you can also check Online Dry Fruit Prices In Pakistan. These Sabzi Rate List Today April 2024 is issued by the market committee today from the Punjab government sabzi mandi. Tomato Vegetable Price in Karachi today is increased by 7 rupees and these are an essential item that is used to cook food.

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Check Today Vegetable Price List – Retailer

You can check the latest Sabzi Mandi Government Rate List Today 2024 by going through and can find the price of vegetables in Lahore 2024.

Vegetable Price List Today In Karachi:

According to the official rates, the price of red potato has been reduced by Rs 90 to Rs 40, onion by Rs 80, tomato by Rs 100 to Rs 70, lemons by Rs 100 to Rs 70 per kg, peas by Rs 200 to Rs 70 as compared to last week. Ginger is being sold from Rs 500 from Rs 550, green chilies from Rs 100 to Rs 130, bitter gourd from Rs 200 to Rs 110, okra from Rs 200, zucchini from Rs 80, garlic from Rs 250 to Rs 200, and cabbage from Rs 50 to Rs 30 per kg. Chicken broiler Rate List Today April 2024 became expensive by Rs 0 per kg, eggs by Rs 4 per dozen, garlic by Rs 4, potatoes by Rs 1, lentils by Rs 3 per kg, and domestic cylinder of LPG by Rs 10.

Vegetable Rate List Today April 2024 In Islamabad:

The price of onion fell from Rs 50 to Rs 30 per kg, while potatoes remained stable at Rs 40-50 per kg. Tomatoes went up from Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg. Cabbage has gone up from Rs 40 to Rs 70 per kg, okra from Rs 60 to Rs 120 per kg, ginger has come down from Rs 80 per kg to Rs 70, garlic from Rs 80 per kg to Rs 60, and lemons from Rs 400 per kg in Ramadan to Rs 160 per kg.

Today Sabzi Mandi Rate List in Faisalabad:

The price of beef has gone up from Rs 600 to Rs 700 per kg, goat meat from Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,400 and broiler chicken from Rs 220 to Rs 340 and Rs 360 per kg.

Today Vegetable Prices In Pakistan April 2024:

In a month, wedding hall charges also increased by 5.58%, tomatoes became expensive by 157% and onions were 125% more expensive in January 2020 than in January 2019, vegetables 94%, lentils 80%, lentils 48.61%, wheat 43%, wheat 36% more expensive in one year. Happened. Prices of perishable goods increased by 78.47%, pulses selected 27.31%, chicken 22.56%, gas charges increased 54.84% over last year, fuel increased by 26%, construction materials 18%, meanwhile, vehicles 17.35 Percentage, electricity increased by 14%, clothing by 14%, health facilities by 11.80% while doctor’s fees increased by 12.67%. Education has been expensive by seven and a half percent while transport fares have increased by 18.58 percent.


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