Dried Fruit Price In Pakistan Per 1 Kg Rate 2021

Dry fruits are the most favourite of everyone when winter sets in. every person in the world loves to bite Almonds, dates, cashews, peanuts, salted peanuts, walnets & pistachios but in this winter season Dry Fruit Price In Pakistan are now increased almost 9000 per kg so far. Middle class & poor people now can only see them on sellers outlets. The only hope “peanuts” are now upto 200 PKR that is also going out of the hands of the poor people. Peanut Bulk bag of 40 kg is now 6000 pkr. Now you can imagine the Walnet Price In Pakistan 2021. Everyone in Pakistan is worried about inflation of everything including dry fruits.

Dry Fruit Prices In Pakistan 2021

Shopkeepers says that this year due to inflation Dry Fruit Price In Pakistan 2021 is increased. Almonds are rich in fiber and their oil is also used to prevent the hair loss. Pistachios are low in calories having high protein due to that they are very useful for weight loss but if you will look at their prices these are very high as they are high in fiber. Here in below you can get complete list of dry fruit price in Punjab.

Pista Price in Pakistan:

Pista is one of expensive dry fruit in Pakistan it doubles the rate of weight loss. According to the research and studies people who eat pista between the meals they had double the weight loss rate. Here in Pakistan Dry Fruit Whole Sale Price is Rs. 3600/- per kg that is very much high common person. Dry Fruit Rate In Pakistan is very much high.

Badam (Almonds) Price In Pakistan:

Almonds are most common in asia as they are used for many remedies. People use its oil for hair loss, massage & for making some home medicine. Badaam Price In Pakistan is Rs 4000 per kg.

Akhrot Price In Pakistan:

Walnets are rich in Calories, 185, Water, Protein,  Carbs, Sugar, Fiber,  Fat and these can also be used in Ketgenic diet that is now most of the over weight people are doing. Walnet Price In Pakistan is Rs 3800 per kg. Walnet Price In Peshawar & Karachi will be different.

Roasted Salted Mongphali Price In Pakistan:

Peanuts are most common dry fruit in Pakistan is available on each corner of the street in winter season. Venders sell them hot & normal. Little warm peanuts are very tasty in winter season. Salted Peanuts Price in Pakistan varies according to the cities & weather. Roasted Peanuts can also be used in peanut butter.

Angeer Price In Pakistan:

Dry fruits are hidden treasure by nature that have large amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, calories that is beneficial for human health. You can use all dry fruits in whole month but many people love to have them in winter as they consider them hot.

Chilgoza Dry Fruit Price In Pakistan:

The Lowest price of Chilgoza in Pakistan is Rs. 1,500, and estimated average price is Rs. 1,782. Get the latest price for Chilgoza Pine, Pine Nuts, Omega Store, Chilgoza -, Chilgoza, 500 Grams, Chilgoza Giri, Chilgoza Magaz, 250 Grams, and other products. Chilgoza is very expensive dry fruit in Pakistan because they are very rear in cultivation and its tree take more than 3 year to be mature so their fruit is very much expensive in Pakistan. Dry Fruit Wholesale dealers in Pakistan are very much low because non customer interest. Dry Fruit Wholesale price in Pakistan was not much high but in recent years it is very much high for them also.

Dry Fruits Price List 2021 In Pakistan

Walnut Dry fruit half kg Rs. 1,900
Almond Dry fruit half Kg Rs. 2,000
Dry Fruit Roasted Salted Pistachios (Pista Namkeen) – 500 G… Rs. 1,800
Dry Fruit Walnut Delicious and healthy snack – 1 Kg (Suprem… Rs. 1,500
Dry fruits With Honey 500 Grams Rs. 1,580
Dry Fruits Dry Singhara Chest Nut, 900 gm Rs. 1,440
Dry Fruit Mart Tomato Powder, 250 Grams Rs. 1,200
mix dry fruit 500 grams in a box Rs. 1,200
Dry Fruits Soaked in Pure BEERI Honey ( 900 gm Jar ) Rs. 1,800
LOLLY dry nuts dry fuits Healthy Mix, 500 g Rs. 1,340
فی کلو قیمت نام  ڈرائی فروٹ فی کلو قیمت نام  ڈرائی فروٹ
Rs.1000/- کاغذی بادام Rs.9000/- چلغوزہ
Rs.800/- کاغذی اخروٹ Rs.5000/- کچا چلغوزہ
Rs.650/- خشک انجیر Rs.2000/- اعلی کوالٹی کا پستہ
Rs.400/- خشک خوبانی Rs.1600/- درمیانہ کوالٹی پستہ
Rs.500/- کھجور Rs.2600/- کاجو
Rs.600/- مونگ پھلی



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