Today Latest Petrol Price In Pakistan 01 April 2024

The government of Pakistan has decided to maintain the Petrol Prices 1st April 2024 and onwards till the budget 2024. The ministry of finance has issued a notification of the petroleum prices will be the same as previous and there will be no change in petrol rate 1st April 2024. Petrol prices are now at 147.82 and will be the same till budget 2024.

Latest Petrol Price 01 April 2024 In Pakistan

Petrol price has been increased by Rs 12.03 per liter, high-speed diesel by Rs 9.53 per liter, light diesel oil by Rs 9.43 per liter, and kerosene by Rs 10.08 per liter. After the recent hike, the price of petrol has been increased from Rs 147.82 per liter to Rs 159.86 per liter, high-speed diesel from Rs 144.62 per liter to Rs 154.15 per liter, and light diesel from Rs 114.54 per liter to Rs 123.97 per liter. Arrived Similarly, the price of kerosene has been increased from Rs 116.48 per liter to Rs 126.56 per liter.

The new prices of petroleum products with effect from 1st April 2022 will be as follows:

Petrol: 280.98

Diesel: 247.43



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