How Beneficial Is Islam360 Application & Its Features

islam360 application

In this Era of technology every field of life is cover under latest  tech by IT and Computer sciences. So Quran e Pak that is very precious book from GOD to Human being is now available on internet in many formats. People can recite Quran e pak in PDF format, also can download the adobe reader file. Today in this  article I will tell you about a very great Appliations that is available on Google Play store and other apps store where from you can download this application to Read Quran e Pak. Islam360 is world’s number one Search engine. Just type a word and get the result that how many times that word is used in Quran e pak. This is very amazing invention for those love to research on islamic knowledge.

Introduction(Islam360 App):

Islam360 application is today’s era application for those people who wishes to accuire knowledge about islam and hadees. 20th Century first islamic Application that carries not only Quran e pak but this also have More then 10 Translations from differnet Schools of thoughts and having different tafseers. Islam360 also have all the 6 Hadees Books and masnoon Dua’s along with all the daily basic Dua’s. islam360 is designed by Islamic Technology Mission ITM by Zahid Hussain Chipa in 2011 mid. To facilitate the human beings. Islam360 gives you the search engine facility where you can search any topic or word or pharse in Quran and Hadees. This is best application for those people who wants to recite Quran e pak while traveling. Here is another best option for those people who have weaker eye sight, they can make words bigger so that they can read easily. Zahid hussain Chippa ITM have experts in all the fields ie  Mobile Application Develping, Web Designing and Web Development and Search Engine Optimization. All these experts devepled a very beautiful and useful application for you to Recite Quran e pak or listen to the Quran e Pak.

Best Ever Features Of Application “islam360”:

  • This islamic Application is very useful to carry. It do not carry large space on your phone or computer. The Main useful features of this applications are following.
  • Complete Quran with more than 10 translations (from different schools of thoughts) and Tafseer.
  • More than 16 Qari’s Recitation.
  • Text based and Context based Searchable Quran.
  • All 6 Hadees books in English and Urdu with Searchable features.
  • Hadees Audio. ∅ Ibadaat Sections (Namaz, Roza, Hajj etc.) with gestures.
  • Dua Section ( All daily routine dua’s).
  • Now let’s talk about all all the features one by one.

Importance Of Islam360 App In Real Life:

Islam360 is very easy to use. Just open the Quran e Pak and Select the Qari whose you wants to listen Recitation. There are more than 16 Qari’s Recitation In this application. We often receive Hadees sharing messege in our inbox and we blindly share it with friends and family without investigating it either it is ture Hadees or is been changed by someone. We can check from islam360 because this application carries all the 6 Authenticated Hadees Book. You can also search Any Hadess by word or pharses. All the 6 Books of hadess are available in English and Urdu with Searchable features. In our free time we can also listen to the Audio Hadees and also can get the knowledge about Ibadaat ie Namaz, Roza, Hajj, Zukaat etc with gestures. This application is very good for school going students and for those parents who wants their Children to accuire Islamic Knowledge or they wish their kidz to know about all the regular Daily routine Dua’s.

Authentic Application:

Islam360 have correct and authentic Material on this and this Application islam360 is certified by islamic Universities, Madrrisa and Islamic Parties. Binoria University International certified this application on 09-06-2016 that all the recitation by Qari’s and all the 6 books of Hadees are verfied and authentic. They appriciate the work of Zahid Hussain Chippa that they make effort to make Muslims Unitied. Experts from University also said that Collection of All the Translations of Quran and Hadees is very hardworking so this work of Zahid hussain ITM team need to be appraciate in worldwide. They Advise All the Muslims to Check this application and share it to others.

All these certificates makes sure a muslim that this is an authentic application that have all the correct knowledge. After getting the certificates from many muslim universities there is no doubt in this application.


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