Utility Store Price List November 2021

Utility stores are a blessing for poor people that they can buy their kitchen items with some relief but now we see some increase of price at utility stores. Here at webstudy.pk you can Download Utility Store Price List November 2021 that is fully updated. Ghee price in Utility store have increased about Rs. 40 and its notification is also issued by government and these prices will be implemented immediately. Sugar Price At Utility Store Pakistan is 85 per kg. Dalda Ghee Price at Pakistan utility store is Rs 260 per kg. Pak Utility Store Cooking Oil Price 2021 is Rs 273.

Pakistan Utility Store Price List 2021

10 litre of Dalda Ghee price is increased to 3590 from 2500. Cooking oil prices increased upto 475 and 10 litre price is increased to 3360. Famous Planta cooking oil that is available on Pakistan utility store cooperation is increased by 463. Pakistan Utility Store Price List 2021 is available here with update. You can also get Utility Store Ramzan Package Price List 2022 here.

Utility Store Sugar Price 2021

Sugar is essential item of every kitchen so every Pakistani want government of loose some price of sugar at utility stores. Utility Store Sugar Rate November 2021 is Rs 85. The price of a packet of basmati rice (tota) has gone up by Rs 8 to Rs 84 from Rs 76 per kg. The price of cashew has been increased by Rs 1,190 per kg and pistachio by Rs 915 per kg. After the increase in prices, the price of cooking oil has been increased by Rs 22 per liter. The price of brand ghee has been increased by Rs 4 per kg and the price of a one-liter pack of brand milk has been increased by Rs 5.

Utility Store Price List November 2021

The milk liter pack has been increased from Rs 147 to Rs 152 and The price of cereals for children has been increased from Rs 20 to Rs 38.Special discounts on 19 items under the Prime Minister’s Ramadan Relief Package by the Government of Pakistan on 4,881 utility stores across the country.


10 لیٹر کین قیمت فی کلو قیمت گھی
3590 اضافہ109 روپے ڈالڈ گھی
3360 میزان گھی
1710 روپے 5 لیٹر پلانٹا کوکنگ آئل
465 روپے من پسند کوکنگ آئل

Utility Store Pakistan is also hitted by inflation as everything’s cost goes increase. Sugar, Shampo, Rice Tota, Tea Patti, Garam Masala, Shan Masala, National Sawaiya, Surf Excel, Bonus, Ghee, Cooking oil,  Bason, Daal chana, masoor, moong, dry fruit, mongphali, roasted peanut, walnet, pistachios, soap, dettol, lifeboy, lux, fair n lovely, creams price rate at utility store Pakistan.

After an increase in the price of brand shampoo from Rs. 9 to Rs. 20: A bottle of 90 mg of shampoo has increased from Rs. 89 to Rs. 98. Prices of laundry detergent, coffee, and tea whitener have also been increased. The Government of Pakistan is giving special discounts on 19 items of the Prime Minister’s Ramadan Relief Package. The people are requested to take full advantage of this concession.

ملک بھر کے تمام یوٹیلٹی سٹورز میں بنیادی اشیاء خوردونوش کی قیمیتیں 

نمبر شمار اشیاء ریٹ
1 چینی روپے85
2 آٹا(20کلو گرام پیک) روپے900
3 گھی روپے260
4 کوکنگ آئل روپے273
5 دال چنا روپے150
6 سفید چنا روپے160
7 دال مسور روپے140
8 دال ماش روپے265
9 سیلا چاول روپے134
10 باسمتی چاول روپے135
11 ٹوٹا چاول روپے73
12  (Lipton Yellow Label) چائے روپے893
13 دودھ( ٹیٹرا پیک) روپے117
14 کھجور (۵۰۰)گرام پیک   روپے70
15 بیسن(چکی) روپے130
16 جام شیریں۔۸۰۰ ملی گرام روپے220
17 جام شیریں۔۱۵۰۰ ملی گرام روپے395
18 مصالحہ جات  فیصد تک خصوصی رعایت10
19 لال مرچ200 گرام روپے157
20 ہلدی100 گرام روپے31
21 دھنیا پاؤڈر روپے81
22 مصالحہ پاؤڈر50 گرم روپے58
23 کالی مرچ50 گرام روپے51
24 سفید زیرہ100 گرام روپے89
25 دڑا مرچ100 گرام روپے79
26 چائے95 گرام روپے91
اس  کے علاوہ ایک ہزار  سے  زائداشیاء کے نرخوں میں بھی خصوصی کمی کی گئی ہ
Pakistan Utility Store Special Package 2021
Sr.No Item Name Market Rate Utility Store Price
01 Flour 20 Kg bag Rs.808- 950 Rupees Rs.800
02 Sugar Per Kg Rs.80-85 Rupees
03 Ghee per Kg Hayat Rs.232 Rs.170
Man Rs.237
Dastik Rs.237
Barket Rs.232
Manpasand Rs.465
04 Pulses per Kg Dal Chana Rs.180-185 Rs.167
Dal masoor Rs.145-155 Rs.135
Dal safad Chana Rs.150-160 Rs125
05 Rice Super Basnaspati Rs.160-170 Rs.140
Siala Chawal Rs.160-170 Rs.139
05 Tita Chawal Rs.90-100 Rs.76

Utility Stores Special Package 2021

ملک بھر کے یوٹیلٹی سٹورپر ریٹ لسٹ کی تفصیل درج ذیل ہے۔
نمبر شمار اشیاء یوٹیلٹی سٹور ریٹ روپے مارکیٹ ریٹ روپے
01 آٹا 20کلوتھیلا 800روپے 808-5-950 روپے
02 دال چنا 167روپے 170-180 روپے
03 سیلہ چاول 139روپے 150-160 رپے
04 چینی 68روپے 80-85 روپے
05 گھی 465 روپے 210-225 روپے
06 باسمتی چاول 140 روپے 150-160 روپے
07 ٹوٹا چاول 76 روپے 80-90 روپے



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