Wholesale Rice Rate In Pakistan June 2024

Rice Rate List Today June 2024 Is updated in this article as the most cooked food in Pakistan. Rice is a major food item of every home in Asian countries as most people love to eat this, even if they are not feeling well.

Super Rice Price In Pakistan Today June 2024

There are many varieties of Rice in Pakistan ie Superior, Super, Sella, Basmati, Super Basmati, basmati old, basmati new, grain, supri, c9, irri 6, kainat 1121, super fine, super b 2 broken, toota chawal. Here at webstudy.pk you can get complete information about their ingredients, seeds & Rice Price In Pakistan June 2024 free of cost.

Today Basmati Rice Price In Pakistan are latest rates for Ramzan Bazaar, Sahulat bazaar, and Friday Bazar. Super Basmati Rice Rate June 2024 Wholesale price is mentioned herein below.  There are many kinds of rice in Pakistan that people love to eat and cook at parties.

  • New Super Basmati
  • Super B1 Broken
  • Super B 2 Broken
  • Super Basmati Old
  • Super Short Grain
  • Kainat 1121
  • Kainat 1121 (Short Grain)
  • Kainat 1121
  • B1 Broken
  • Kainat 1121 B2
  • Broken Supri
  • 1509
  • 386 Basmati
  • Irri 6
  • C9
  • Super Fine
  • 1121 Basmati Golden Sella
  • 1121 Basmati Steam Rice
  • 1121 Basmati White Rice
  • Super Kernel Basmati White Rice
  • Super Kernel Basmati Golden Sella Rice
  • Super Kernel Basmati Steam Rice
  • Pk 386 White Rice
  • Pk 386 Sella Rice
  • Pk 386 Steam Rice
  • IRRI-9 Sella Parboiled Rice
  • IRRI-6 White Rice 5% Broken
  • IRRI-6 Parboild Rice 5% Broken
  • IRRI6 100 Percent Broken Rice

Hybrid 86 – (50 KG each bag) Price Per 40Kg – 6800/

PK386 (Laal 86) – White Rice – (50 KG each bag) Price Per 40Kg – 7000/

Super Kainat Rice Rate 25 KG Bag Rs. 4200 Rs. 4300

Kainat 1121 Short Grain 40 KG Bag Price Rs. 3200 Rs. 3400

386 Basmati 40 KG Bag Price Rs. 2850 Rs. 3300

Super Basmati Old 40 KG Bag Price Rs. 4900 Rs. 5300

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
1 KG RiceRs. 350Rs. 450
25 KG RiceRs. 5000Rs. 7800
50 KG RiceRs. 14999Rs. 16800

40 KG Rice Price Today Pakistan

Brand NameWhiteSellaSteam
Supri 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2700Rs. 2900Rs.3000
Super Basmati Old 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 4900Rs. 5300Rs. 6000
New Super Basmati 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 4700Rs. 5000Rs. 5400
Super Fine 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 3000Rs. 3580Rs. 4000
Super B1 Broken 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2600Rs. 2750Rs. 3150
Super B2 Broken 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2350Rs. 2450Rs. 2800
C 9 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2600Rs. 2800Rs. 3300
Super Short Grain 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 3200Rs. 3400Rs. 3600
Irri 6 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2350Rs. 2600Rs. 2800
Kainat 1121 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 5200Rs. 6000Rs. 6400
Kainat 1121 Short Grain 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 3200Rs. 3400Rs. 3600
386 Basmati 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2850Rs. 3300Rs. 3600
Kainat 1121 B1 Broken 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2600Rs. 2800Rs. 3200
Kainat 1121 B2 Broken 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 2200Rs. 2400Rs. 2800
1509 40 KG Bag PriceRs. 4300Rs. 4900Rs. 5100
Super Kainat Rice Rate 25 KG BagRs. 4200.Rs. 4300.Rs. 4600.


Rice Prices in Pakistan (June 2024)MinimumMaximum
1kg RiceRs. 350Rs. 450
25 kg RiceRs. 5000Rs. 7800
50 kg RiceRs. 14999Rs. 16800
40 kg Rice Price List
Rice Brand NamesWhiteSella
SupriRs. 2700Rs. 2900
Super Basmati OldRs. 4900Rs. 5300
New Super BasmatiRs. 4700Rs. 5000
Super FineRs. 3000Rs. 3580
Super B1 BrokenRs. 2600Rs. 2750
Super B2 BrokenRs. 2350Rs. 2450
C 9Rs. 2600Rs. 2800
Super Short GrainRs. 3200Rs. 3400
Irri 6Rs. 2350Rs. 2600
Kainat 1121Rs. 5200Rs. 6000
Kainat 1121 Short GrainRs. 3200Rs. 3400
386 BasmatiRs. 2850Rs. 3300
Kainat 1121 B1 BrokenRs. 2600Rs. 2800
Kainat 1121 B2 BrokenRs. 2200Rs. 2400
1509Rs. 4300Rs. 4900
Super Kainat Rice Rate 25 KGRs. 4200Rs. 4300
5 KG Rice Price Today in Pakistan June 2024
Rice VarietyPrice (PKR)
Fine Life Super Kernel Old Rice 5 KGRs. 1461
Fine Life Old Basmati Rice 5 KGRs. 1110
Mughal Badshah Rice 5 KGRs. 1420
Super Guard Easy Cook Sella Rice 5 KGRs. 2195
Fine Life Kainaat Steamed Rice 5KGRs. 1745
Basmati Steam Rice Kaalar 5 KGRs. 1850
Falak Extreme Rice 5 KGRs. 2690
Falak Peshawar Sella Rice 5kgRs. 2004
Wholesale Rice Price in Pakistan June 2024
Rice TypeWeightPrice
Chawal Basmati 386 New40 KgRs. 6800 – 7000
Chawal Basmati 386 Old Price40 KgRs. 5600 – 5800
1509 Rice New Steam Price40 KgRs. 11500 – 12000
Chawal Basmati Super New Rate40 KgRs. 11000 – 11500
Chawal Basmati Super Purana40 KgRs. 10500 – 10800
New Kainat Chawal Brown Price40 KgRs. 10500 – 11000
Chawal Kainat Sella New Rate40 KgRs. 12500 – 13000
Kainat Rice Sella Old Price40 KgRs. 12000 – 12500
Chawal Steam Kainat New40 KgRs. 13000 – 13500
Chawal Steam Kainat Porana40 KgRs. 13000 – 13500
Brown Rice New Super Rate40 KgRs. 11500 – 12000
Chawal Brown Purana Rate40 KgRs. 10500 – 11000
Munji 386 Rate40 KgRs. 4600 – 4800
Munji Basmati Super Price40 KgRs. 7000 – 7200
Munji Kainat Rate40 KgRs. 6000 – 6200
Munji 1509 Price in Pakistan40 KgRs. 5700 – 5800

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In conclusion, the data presented highlights the critical importance of knowing the price of rice in Pakistan. Rice is a favorite food of Pakistanis but nowadays its prices are now increased. There are many kinds of rice varieties & qualities. In the past few months, rice prices went up crazily and now it becomes an unaffordable food item for many poor people.

The prices per 1 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg, and 50 kg bags show the extent of the cost burden on households. With a 1 kg bag ranging from Rs. 350 to Rs. 450, and 25 kg bags ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7800, families are facing considerable economic strain. Moreover, purchasing 50 kg bags can cost anywhere from Rs. 14999 to Rs. 16800, making bulk buying a cost-effective option for many.

The government of Pakistan should take serious notice of the price hike of rice to provide some relief to poor families as this is the only food item that can needy patients can afford. Government can make such policies & programs to facilitate struggling families.

Additionally, promoting efficient rice production practices and investing in infrastructure can help stabilize rice prices over time. This, in turn, will benefit both farmers and consumers, ensuring fair prices for the crop while maintaining accessibility for the populace.

Understanding the dynamics of rice prices in Pakistan is vital for consumers, farmers, and policymakers alike. By staying informed about fluctuations in the market and exploring sustainable solutions, Pakistan can continue to maintain its position as a significant rice producer and exporter while ensuring that its people have access to affordable and nutritious food.


Q1. Why is knowing the price of rice in Pakistan important?

A1. Knowing the price of rice in Pakistan is crucial for residents and those considering moving to the country, as rice is a staple food consumed by the population. Being aware of the current rice prices helps people budget their grocery bills accordingly.

Q2. What are the current rice prices per kg, 25kg, 40kg, and 50kg in Pakistan?

A2. As of the provided data, the current rice prices in Pakistan are as follows:

1 KG Rice: Rs. 350 to Rs. 450

25 KG Rice: Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7800

50 KG Rice: Rs. 14999 to Rs. 16800

40 KG Rice: Various prices for different brands and types

Q3. How has the cost of rice changed in Pakistan in recent years?

A3. The cost of rice in Pakistan has risen dramatically over the past few years, leading to significant economic strain on many families. The increase ranges up to 473 percent, depending on the variety of rice chosen.

Q4. What initiatives are needed to address the rising food costs and alleviate economic hardship?

A4. The government needs to create programs that will help bring down the rice prices and provide relief to struggling families. Initiatives to address production and transportation costs associated with rice cultivation and distribution can help reduce prices without compromising quality.

Q5. How can local communities buy rice at lower prices?

A5. Intelligent investment in production and transportation can lead to lower rice prices for local communities without compromising quality.

Q6. Which types of rice are available in Pakistan, and how do they differ in price?

A6. Pakistan produces a variety of rice types, including Basmati, Jasmine, broken grain, and others. Each type may vary in price based on factors like grain quality, variety, and demand.

Q7. What is the significance of rice in Pakistan’s agriculture and economy?

A7. Rice is an essential crop in Pakistan, accounting for around 40% of the total cultivated area. It is a major source of nutrition and a significant export commodity for the country.

Q8. How has the government promoted rice production and exports in Pakistan?

A8. The government has implemented measures to enhance productivity, improve quality, reduce costs, and expand market access for farmers. This includes investment in infrastructure, capacity-building initiatives for farmers, and setting a minimum support price for paddy.

Q9. How do factors like exchange rates influence rice prices in Pakistan?

A9. Exchange rates between the Pakistani rupee and other currencies can impact rice prices. A strong rupee can lead to lower rice prices as it makes Pakistani exports more competitive in international markets.

Q10. What is Pakistan’s position in terms of global rice production and exports?

A10. Pakistan is the third-largest producer of rice in the world and a major exporter, especially known for its high-quality basmati rice sought after in international markets.

Being a main food item in Pakistan, rice holds tremendous economic importance for both citizens and potential immigrants. It is crucial for people to stay informed about the prices of various rice varieties to effectively budget their grocery expenses. This article presents an up-to-date list of Pakistan star rice prices in Pakistan rice varieties and brands available in Pakistan, helping readers make informed choices and understand the impact of price fluctuations.

Kainat rice price in Pakistan today June 2024 in Pakistan Over the past few years, the cost of rice in Pakistan has seen a dramatic increase, making it challenging for families to afford this essential food item. Currently, a one-kilogram bag of rice ranges between Rs. 350 to Rs. 450. Larger quantities face even higher prices, with a 25-kilogram bag costing between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7800, and a 50-kilogram bag ranging from Rs. 14999 to Rs. 16800. These rising prices, up to 473 percent in some cases, are putting significant strain on household budgets, especially for families heavily reliant on rice.

Importance of Monitoring Rice Prices:

Given rice’s integral role in the Pakistani diet and its high demand both domestically and for exports, monitoring rice prices is of utmost importance. Awareness of price trends and fluctuations empowers consumers to plan their purchases efficiently and adapt to changing economic conditions. Moreover, understanding the underlying causes of kainat rice 25kg price in Pakistan increases helps authorities design effective relief programs to alleviate economic hardships faced by families.

1kg Rice Price in Pakistan:

The price of 1kg of rice in Pakistan is quite steep, ranging from Rs. 350 to Rs. 450. This poses a considerable challenge for many households that rely heavily on rice consumption. Nevertheless, the demand for Pakistani rice remains high, evident from its substantial export volumes to neighboring countries. To address rising food costs sustainably, closer attention must be given to the production and transportation costs related to rice cultivation and distribution. 40 kg rice price in pakistan June 2024Intelligent investments in these areas can potentially lead to lower prices without compromising on quality.

25 kg Rice Price in Pakistan:

sella rice price in Pakistan is a staple food in Pakistan, and recent reports of a major price increase have caused concern among consumers. Currently, 25 kg bags of rice have experienced a sharp upward jump in pricing, with the minimum price reaching Rs. 5000 and the maximum price reaching Rs. 7800, signifying a significant economic impact on consumers. The root causes behind these changes remain unclear, and authorities must take the necessary initiatives to ease the burden on consumers and prevent further escalation of rice prices.

50 kg Rice Price in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, 50 kg rice is available at varying prices, depending on the grain type and quality. Consumers can purchase this size bag of rice for anywhere between Rs. 14999 to Rs. 16800. super basmati rice price in Pakistan today 40 kg It is worth noting that many locations across the country offer discounts, making bulk purchases more cost-effective. Buying rice in bulk is now an essential strategy to meet nutritional needs and stretch household budgets amid rising food costs and a growing population.



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