Quaid-i-Azam M Ali Jinnah Day 25th December Speech In Urdu English

December is the month of birthday of Quaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who is founder of Pakistan and Muslims leader of Pakistan Muslim League British India. On 25th December he was born at Karachi and at earlier age he got his education from there too and then came to Lahore to study law.

He was very wise person who knows that how can muslims can get rid of English people and again can rule on this continent. He paid his total attention to this work and succeed to get Pakistan. On 25th December people of paksitan celebrates his birthday by praying for him. People do Fateha on his grave and also manages some events to tell new generation about Quaid e Azam’s life and sacrifices that how he manages to get a separate country for them.

Youme Quaid i Azam Day 25th December Speech

In school students do speeches on Youme Quaid 25th December speech in urdu and English. Children also pay tribute to M. Ali Jinnah by 25th December speech in English. In this article we have posted 25 dec essay on quaid e azam day in urdu and English. Latest lecture Quaid e azam speech in urdu free download.25 december speech in urdu,youme quaid day urdu speech,baba quaid day speech in urdu,25 december quaid e azam day speech urdu,bani e pakistan quaid speech in urdu,quaid-e-azam day speech in urdu,25 december quaid-e-azam day essay in urdu,quaid-e-azam day speech in english,pakistan quaid-e-azam day speech in urdu,pakistan great leader quaid day speech.Quaid-e-Azam-Muhammad-Ali-Jinnah-Speech-Essay-in-Urud

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