NTS NAT (National Aptitude Test) Schedule 2018 | NAT Entry Test Dates

National testing service have announced the schedule of National Aptitude Test (NAT) 2018 for those students who wants to get admission in a semi Government College or university for nigher studies. This is important to pass the NTS NAT test Schedule to get admission in any Semi government institute to be a graduate. NTS supervision the NAT tes 2018 and also announce the result on their official website nts.org.pk. NAT test score will be valid for only one year after that candidate should repeat the NAT exam through NTS. Candidates can apply for NAT test every month in 2018 as dates for Test are scheduled. NTS takes Rs. 700 PKR to attend each NAT Test through bank Slip. NTS NAT test form are available on official website of nts.

NTS NAT Test Schedule 2018

Candidates should submit their fee in any branch of Meezan Bank, MCB, HBL or ABL bank and send the bank slip with NAT test form to the national testing service of pakistan’s headquarters Islamabad. After that NTS will issue you a roll no slip and give you permission to sit in NAT test. O

n NTS NAT Entry Test Schedule 2018 roll no slip 2018 download there will be written your roll no, Examination Center and reporting time and date etc so that you should prepare for that earlier. In below you can check that Check online NTS Nat test schedule 2018 that you can check online and download free from here. webstudy is right place where you can get all the latest news about NTS NAT Test Schedule 2018 Download. NTS can also provide you with Merit list of your desired university so that you can check that either you can get admission or not. Complete NTS NAT test form and send it to NTS address and they will issue you a roll no slip. Go and sit in test to pass the NTS NAT test dates 2018. After passing the test submit your score card with university admission form and confirm you seat in university of be a graduate.

Sr# Test
Last Date of Submission
of Registration Form
Roll No. Slip
Dispatch Date
Result Announcement
Date on NTS Website
Result Card
Dipatch Date
1 Sunday 14th January 2018 Sunday 17th December 2017 Wednesday 27th December 2017 Thursday 4th January 2018 Monday 22n January 2018 Friday 26th January 2018
2 Sunday 11th February 2018 Sunday 14th January 2018 Wednesday 24th January 2018 Thursday 1st February 2018 Monday 19th February 2018 Friday 23rd February 2018
3 Sunday 11th March 2018 Sunday 11th February 18 Wednesday 21st February 18 Thursday 1st March 18 Monday 19th March 18 Thursday 22nd March 2018
4 Sunday 8th April 2018 Sunday 11th March 18 Wednesday 21st March 18 Thursday 29th March 18 Monday 16th April 18 Friday 20th April 2018
5 Sunday 6th May 2018 Sunday 8th April 2018 Wednesday 18th April 2018 Wednesday 25th April 2018 Monday 14th May 2018 Friday 18th May 2018
6 Sunday 3rd June 2018 Sunday 6th May 2018 Wednesday 16th May 2018 Thursday 24th May 2018 Friday 8th June 2018 Wednesday 13th June 2018
7 Sunday 8th July 2018 Sunday 3rd June 2018 Wednesday 13th June 2018 Thursday 28th June 2018 Monday 16th July 2018 Friday 20th July 2018
8 Sunday 5th August 2018 Sunday 8th July 2018 Wednesday 18th July 2018 Thursday 26th July 2018 Monday 13th August 2018 Friday 17th August 2018
9 Sunday 16th September 2018 Sunday 5th August 2018 Thursday16th August 2018 Wednesday 5th September 2018 Monday 24th September 2018 Friday 28th September 2018
10 Sunday 14th October 2018 Sunday 16th September 2018 Wednesday 26th September 2018 Thursday 4th October 2018 Monday 22nd October 2018 Friday 26th October 2018
11 Sunday 11th November 2018 Sunday 14th October 2018 Wednesday 24th October 2018 Thursday 1st November 2018 Monday 19th November 2018 Friday 23rd November 2018
12 Sunday 9th December 2018 Sunday 11th November 2018 Wednesday 21st November 2018 Thursday 29th November 2018 Monday 17th December 2018 Friday 21st December 2018



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