Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000

National savings of Pakistan have announced the Prize bond schedule 2020 for Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 2500, 15000, 7500, 25000, 40000 and For Premium Prize bond Rs. 40000 From January to December 2020. All these Prize bonds Draw and full list results will be announced on the official website of national savings ( and it’s a government website and there is now fraud in the business of Prize bond.

Prize Bond Schedule 2020:

National savings is doing a good job prize bonds by investing the people money in the progress works in Pakistan and in reward giving a huge reward to people by Prize bond Schedule 2020 latest. Prize bond schedule that you can be watching below is the new 2020 prize bond schedule for the new year. Prize bond Guess papers are the most searches about prize bond after the draw.

Let me clear that there is no authentic way to have the exact number of prize bond lucky number because national savings have perfect Balloting system there only machine chooses the right person, there is no human that ballots the prize bond so there is no chance of prize bond guess papers working. This is totally fraud so be aware of those people who asks you for prize bond guess papers.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 January To December

Prize bond Schedule 2020 from 1st of January to 31th of December 2020 is in your eyes now that you can download free and share with your friends and family. Prize bond is a lottery scheme of luck and is very famous among people of Pakistan to become rich overnight because there is no other way to have a large number of the amount overnight and this amount is so big that you can full fill all your desires at once.

National savings prize bond schedule 2020 that you can download in PDF and Microsoft Excel file is below in article. web study is the right place where you can get all the authentic news about prize bond draws schedule 2020 and prize bond list schedule 2020and all the prize bond guess papers also that you can download free from here.

Prize bond schedule draw will be held twice in a month that you can download full draw list from and This is very important that if the prize bond draw will be on public holiday then you can find the complete list of prize bond draw on the next working day. Prize Bond List Schedule 2020 is given below.




#11500002 January, 2020ThursdayQuetta
#275015 January, 2020WednesdayKarachi
#32500003 February, 2020MondayFaisalabad
#4750003 February, 2020MondayHyderabad
#5150017 February, 2020MondayRawalpindi
#610017 February, 2020MondayPeshawar
#74000010 March, 2020TuesdayMultan
#820016 March, 2020MondayMuzaffarabad
#91500001 April, 2020WednesdayFaisalabad
#1075015 April, 2020WednesdayHyderabad
#11750004 May, 2020MondayPeshawar
#122500004 May, 2020MondayRawalpindi
#1310015 May, 2020FridayLahore
#14150015 May, 2020FridayMuzaffarabad
#154000010 June, 2020WednesdayKarachi
#1620015 June, 2020MondayQuetta
#171500002 July, 2020ThursdayHyderabad
#1875015 July, 2020WednesdayMuzaffarabad
#19750003 August, 2020MondayFaisalabad
#202500003 August, 2020MondayLahore
#21150017 August, 2020MondayQuetta
#2210017 August, 2020MondayMultan
#234000010 September, 2020ThursdayRawalpindi
#2420015 September, 2020TuesdayPeshawar
#251500001 October, 2020ThursdayMultan
#2675015 October, 2020ThursdayLahore
#27750002 November, 2020MondayKarachi
#282500002 November, 2020MondayPeshawar
#29150016 November, 2020MondayQuetta
#3010016 November, 2020MondayFaisalabad
#314000010 December, 2020ThursdayHyderabad
#3220015 December, 2020TuesdayRawalpindi

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