Mobilink Jazz 2G | 3G Internet Bundles 2024 With Details

Mobilink-3G-internet pacakges

 Mobilink Jazz 2G, 3G & 4G Internet Bundles 2024 Details

Mobilink Jazz Is Pakistan’s Biggest and famous Telecom Company That Has 3G License. Mobilink Jazz has many 2G & 3G Internet Packages But Mobilink Jazz Invents New Bundles Time By Time For Their Customers. Here At Our Site, You Can Get All the Information About Mobilink Jazz 2G & 3G Internet Packages and bundles. You Will Know About Their Subscription Codes, Their Unsubscribe Codes, Their Charges, Validity and how Much Data You Will Get, These Are All Thing You Will In This Article.

3G Network Is Now Available On Every Mobile Network Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Zong ETC And The Mobile Companies Are Introducing Many Pakeges On Low Rates To Attract The Customers. On This Site We will Tell You About All Mobile Companies’ 3G Pakeges And Their Charges.

Mobilink Jazz 2G, 3G & 4G Internet Latest & new Packeges 2024.

Mobilink Jazz Is the Biggest And most Famous Telecom Company In Pakistan. Mobilink Has Introduced Very Cheap Packages ThereFore Many People use This Network. Mobilink Jazz Has Announced many 3G Internet Packages To Attract Customers For 3G Internet. Daily, Fortnightly, Monthly and weekly packages.

All Mobile Companies Zong, Telenor, Mobilink, and Ufone 3G Internet Pakeges Are Given Below:

 Mobilink 3G Packages And Charges Details:

1Daily Bundle 29.9950 MB24 Hrs*114*1#
23-Day Bundle18300 MB3 Days*114*8#
3Weekly Bundle34.99500 MB7 Days*114*7#
4Mini Bundle311 MB24 Hrs*114*3#
5Late Night Offer23.99100 MB24 Hrs*114*2#
6GPRS Morning Offer4100 MB24 Hrs*114*14#
7Daily Social Bundle55Unlimited Browsing For Social apps24 Hrs*114*5#
83-Day Social Bundle11.95Unlimited Social apps & 300 SMS3 Days*114*17#
9One Day Bundle12100 MB24 Hrs*114*13#
10Nimbuzz Bundle512Unlimited use of Nimbuzz Messenger7 Days*114*12#
11Monthly Bundle99.99200 MB30 Days*114*30#
12Monthly Bundle2149.991 GB
(1024 MB)
30 Days*114*33#
133-Month Bundle3003 GB
(3072 MB)
90 Days*114*19#

 Telenor 2G And 3G Internet Packages

Ufone 2G And 3G Internet Packages


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