1 Litre Fresh Milk Price In Pakistan Today March 2024

1 Litre Fresh Milk Price In Pakistan is increased in March 2024 to Rs. 180 per liter/kg but in September 2024 milk prices will rise to 200 plus per liter. 1 litre Milk Price In Pakistan Today March 2024 is Rs. 190 to Rs 220 per liter that is applied in various cities of Pakistan. Milk is an essential item in every home because we have to drink it as a whole or make tea for guests or for our own.

1 Litre Milk Rate In Pakistan Today 2024

We have to bring milk from shops as we can not feed cows at home. So farmers deliver the extra milk to the city and earn livelihood for them but shopkeepers in cities are very greedy they charge a lot from customers.

Fresh Milk Rate In Punjab is Rs 190-220 per liter but you can also purchase olpers milk, have milk, milk pak milk & some other milk are also available in the market Cow Milk Price In Karahi is Rs 190 per liter which is very high for middle class & poor people.

Milk prices in Pakistan in 2024 got increased every month as farmers purchased feed for animals at high rates and animal feed rates are going crazily up day by day so farmer has to increase the Buffalo Milk Price 2024.

In packaged milk, Olpers is considered as finest packed milk in Pakistan. Olpers Milk Price 2024 is now Rs. 260 so fresh milk is some low than packaged milk. The 1 kg Doodh Rate In Pakistan is 110 by the government of Pakistan.

1 Kg Milk Price In Pakistan March 2024

1 kg milk price in Pakistan villages is now Rs 140 per kg that is also increased this year due to inflation. Pakistan is one of the countries that is producing tons of fresh milk every day and it got consumed within hours because tea & coffee is every home & office item so milk is used in each home of Pakistan. Milk is also considered as powerful energy drink so desi people love their children to drink milk & yogurt as they contain calcium in it.

Milk Price In Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi

Milk Price In Gujranwala, Gujrat, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Sukkur is different according to the location but overall one-liter milk price in Pakistan March 2024 is Rs 140 per liter. Dhoodh Price In Pakistan today March 2024 is updated below.

Fresh Fresh milk Price in LahoreRs 190 to Rs.210
Karachi Fresh fresh milk Price TodayRs 200 to Rs.220
Fresh milk Price in Islamabad Rawalpindi TodayRs 190 to 220
Today Fresh milk Price in FaisalabadRs 190 to 220
Peshawar fresh milk price today Dhoud ka PriceRs 180 to 190
Gujranwala fresh milk price todayRs.190 to 210
Sargodha fresh milk price todayRs.190 to 220
Sukkur fresh milk price todayRs.190 to 220
Fresh milk price in Abbottabad todayRs.190 to 220
Fresh milk Price in MansehraRs.190 to 220
1 Kilo Fresh milk Price in MultanRs.150 to 220


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