Homage Solar UPS Rates In Pakistan 2024

As the summer season sets in so electricity load shedding is started. Many people who do have a shop need UPS badly because it is very hot in summer and eid season and it is impossible to sit a shop in that circumstances. In the case of load shedding shops, keepers use Homage UPS Prices 2024 to avoid any kind of loss. As all the other electronic item prices increased so Homage UPS Prices In Lahore 2024 is also increased but people afford that just to avoid their money loss in business.

Homage UPS Price In Pakistan 2024 With Battery

Homage is a brand in electronics so its Ups Price in Karachi is the same in all the big cities of Pakistan like Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sahiwal, lodhran, dg khan, etc. Homage UPS Rate 2024 in the summer season goes high because of its demand and consumption. Shop keeper uses this in case of load shedding and it’s an alternative source of electricity. Many people use Solar Panels with Homage UPS to charge the battery but some people use NEPRA electricity power to charge batteries.

Homage UPS Rates 2024 can not be different from city to city because it’s an international brand but there can be a slight change in Homage 1000 Watt UPS Price 2024 other than of Homage 5000 watt UPS with Battery Price 2024. There are many other models available of Homage 2000 Watt ups price in Pakistan.

Homage UPS ModelPrice
HVS-1214-SCC (Homage 1000 Watt UPS)23500 Rupees
Homage ups 2000 Watt Price (HVS-2414-SCC)28500 Rupees
UPS of Homage 3000 Watt (HVS-3014-SCC)74500 Rupees
Price of Homage 5000 Watt ups Price (HVS-5014-SCC)86000 Rupees


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