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K Electric Duplicate Bill 2024 online download

In all over Pakistan, many companies are providing electricity to the consumers, and customers are being charged for the electricity they use. The more appliances you use, the more you will get your K-Electric bill download. In Karachi, most of the electricity is provided by K-Electric which is used by almost 22 million people in Karachi. We will guide you about ke duplicate bill 2024 download online with complete information.

K-Electric Duplicate Bill Download

K-Electric drops each customer their bill on their doorstep but for such reason, many of the customers didn’t get their k electric duplicate bill 2024 at their home addresses so they face many problems like they have to pay the bill with a late fee surcharge but if they will not get their bill paid till 3 months then their electricity will be cut off and they will have to visit K electric offices several times to get their connection back. So after so many complaints about this issue k electric has now launched an online system for all K Electric users to get their K Electric Bill Online Pay service so that in case you did not get your bill at your home then you can download it from the official website of K-electric.

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Providing electricity to the whole of Karachi which is a big city is also a big issue for the Karachi electricity supplies company. So they work day & night to avoid a shortfall in electricity in Karachi city because Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan and it will be resulting in a big setback for Pakistan. You can seek any kind of help from their 30 customer service care providing offices. In this article, we will tell you about how you can check online K-electric bill download & can pay it online.

You Need To Provide The Following Things to get your Karachi Electric Supply Duplicate Bill copy.

  • Account Number
  • Consumer Number
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • captcha to pass

K Electric duplicate bill download & pay them online via JazzCash, Easypaisa, your mobile online application. A duplicate electricity bill from www.ke.com.pk is very important in case you lose the original one or tear it into pieces by children.  To download your k electric bill copy ke duplicate bill 2024 you need to go to the official website or click here to go there. Just put your information ie account number, consumer number, Email address, Mobile Number & have to put the captcha to prove that you are human, and then click on the view bill. Your online k electric bill will be there on the screen.

K-Electric Know Your Bill

All the K electric users should know about their K Electric Bill Details like Kesc duplicate bill. On the front page of your bill in the top left corner, you will see consumer details like the name & address of the customer. Just below that, you will see consumer category & tariff details. After that, you will see Star consumers that will be highlighted with stars. The average monthly temperature of the current month, last month & same month last year will be shown below that. Analysis of consumption will be below that. Billing & payment history for the last 6 months, bill payment channels & 13 monthly consumption details are also there on the left side of the bill.

On the right side of your K-Electric bill online you will see all channels of communication provided within one designated space menu & a QR code for important information along with a bar code. A late payment surcharge or fine will be shown on the right side of your Online K-Electric Bill Relief. There will be a box of personal messages for the consumer. There will be a space on the bill for the advertisement of the company.

On the backside of the K-electric bill, you will see the bill reading, meter number, reading date, k electric charges, the breakup of govt charges & bank charges. Important guidance is available for consumers on the backside of the kesc duplicate bill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – K-Electric

How can I download a duplicate K-Electric bill in PDF format?

To download a duplicate K-Electric bill in PDF format, visit the K-Electric website and click on the “View Bill” button under Bills and E-payments. Enter your consumer number and other required details to access and download the bill.

Can I check my electricity bill online?

Yes, you can check your electricity bill online through the K-Electric website. Simply enter your consumer number or account number to view your bill details.

How can I check my K-Electric bill online for the year 2024 ?

To check your K-Electric bill online for the year 2024 , visit the K-Electric website and follow the steps to view your bill by entering your consumer number or account number.

Where can I find my account information on the new K-Electric bill?

Your account information can be found at the top of your K-Electric bill. It includes your consumer name, address, GST/NTN number (if applicable), tariff details, and account number.

What happens if I miss the due date for my Karachi Electricity bill?

If you miss the due date for your K-Electric bill and don’t pay the amount payable, a late payment surcharge will be levied, equivalent to 10% of the billed amount. To avoid this, ensure timely bill payment.

What is the Amount Payable mentioned on my K-Electric bill?

The Amount Payable on your K-Electric bill is the total amount due for payment within the specified dates, which may include outstanding arrears from previous months.

Where can I find information about my Tariff on my K-Electric bill?

Information about your Tariff can be found on your K-Electric bill under the Consumer Details segment. For more detailed information, visit the K-Electric website’s Tariff Structure section.

What are the different reference numbers mentioned on my KE bill?

KE bills include three reference numbers: Account Number, Contract Number, and Consumer Number. The Account Number is the most important for all interactions with KE.

How can I register for K-Electric Mobile Service?

To register for K-Electric Mobile Service, send an SMS with the format “REG [your 13-digit A/C #]” to 8119. You will receive a welcome note confirming your registration.

How can I unsubscribe from K-Electric SMS Service?

To unsubscribe from K-Electric SMS Service, send an SMS with the format “UNREG [your 13-digit A/C #]” to 8119.

What services are available through K-Electric WhatsApp Service?

K-Electric WhatsApp Service offers various services, including receiving duplicate bills, filing technical and billing complaints, checking power status, and downloading income tax certificates.

How do I contact K-Electric for complaints and inquiries?

For complaints and inquiries, you can contact K-Electric at 118 or 99000. You can also send an email to customer.care@ke.com.pk.

Does K-Electric offer bill installment options to customers?

Yes, K-Electric allows customers to pay bills in installments.

What is the history of K-Electric?

K-Electric, formerly known as Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), was founded in 1913. It underwent nationalization and privatization, with various ownership changes over the years.

How can I activate K-Electric SMS Service?

To activate K-Electric SMS Service, send an SMS with the format “Reg [your 13-digit account number]” to 8119.

Does K-Electric offer WhatsApp service for customer convenience?

Yes, K-Electric offers WhatsApp service to its customers, enabling them to access various services such as duplicate bill requests, filing complaints, and checking power status.

How do I read my K-Electric meter?

For information on how to read your K-Electric meter, please refer to the official guidelines provided by the company.

How can I register a new connection with K-Electric?

To register a new connection with K-Electric, you can fill out the online form and track the progress of your application using the provided Case ID.

Does K-Electric offer an exemption from the 7.5% tax on electricity bills for active tax filers?

Yes, active tax filers can update their record with K-Electric to avail exemption from the 7.5% tax on electricity bills above Rs.25000.


In conclusion, the provided data presents comprehensive information about K-Electric, the sole electricity provider for Karachi and its surrounding areas. Through various platforms and services, K-Electric strives to ensure a seamless and efficient electricity supply to approximately 22 million people in the region. Customers can easily manage their billing and obtain essential information, such as account details, tariff, and the amount payable, by utilizing services like ke duplicate bill download pdf, duplicate electricity bill online, k-electric online bill check, and k-electric bill online check Karachi via www.ke.com.pk.

To avoid late payment surcharges, it is crucial for customers to pay their bills on time, and the company offers multiple avenues for bill payments, including online methods. K-Electric’s dedication to customer service is evident through its SMS service, which allows customers to receive updates and inquire about billing, lodge technical complaints, and check load-shedding schedules. Moreover, customers can easily register for this service, which enhances communication and convenience.

K-Electric’s historical journey showcases its evolution and commitment to modernization and efficiency. The company has invested in generating plants and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of Karachi’s expanding population. As a result, K-Electric has emerged as a reliable and crucial provider of electricity in the region.

The company’s user-friendly approach extends to online bill payment options, enabling customers to check, download, and pay their bills effortlessly through the company’s website. Services like k-electric bill check karne ka tarika and www.ke.com.pk duplicate bill ensure that customers have easy access to essential billing-related information and can conveniently manage their accounts.

As Karachi continues to thrive as Pakistan’s economic hub, K-Electric’s dedication to excellence and technological advancements remains steadfast. By leveraging modern communication channels, providing accessible services, and embracing technology, the company ensures that its customers receive uninterrupted electricity supply and top-notch support. K-Electric’s commitment to convenience, reliability, and customer satisfaction strengthens its position as a critical pillar in the region’s power distribution landscape.

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