Eid ul Fitar Vacations 2023 In Pakistan

Ministry of Interior Pakistan has announced the Eid Ul Fitar Holidays 2023 In Pakistan from 3rd May to 5th May that will lasts 3 days and all the government employees can enjoy eid ul fitar vacations 2023 in Pakistan. Ministry of the interior also pre-announced the expected eid holidays in Pakistan 2023 in April 2023. Eid ul Fitr Holidays 2023 In Pakistan notification will be available here below as it will be announced by officials.

Punjab Govt Eid ul Fitar Holidays Notification 2023

Eid Ul Fitr Holiday in Pakistan 2023 notification is issued by all the concerned departments. Eid ul fitar is a holy festival for Muslims who do fast in the month of Ramzan and it is a chance for them to treat themselves on 1st Shawwal. Eid ul fitar Holiday 2023 In Pakistan is a great chance for govt servants as they can get some relief from their official duties & can spend time with their families. Eid Ul Fitar Holidays Notification 2023 is issued by the government of Pakistan.

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Eid ul Fitar 2023 Holidays

 May 2023, Tuesday

May 2023, Wednesday

May 2023, Thursday

Eid Ul Fitar 2023 Holidays

April 2023,

April 2023,

April 2023,

Eid Ul Fitr Holidays 2023 in Sindh

Eid ul fitar is celebrated on 1st shawal but it there cloudy then it may be delayed. Eid day is started with offering prayers to Allah for providing them strength for fasts in Ramzan and on eid day they can enjoy all the foods as treat. Muslims also give Fitrana to poor people so that they can also join eid happiness. On the eid ul fitar in all Muslim countries, there are three days of vacations for workers and in turkey, eid is called the candy festival. In Pakistan Eid ul fitar holidays 2023 will be on the  of May 2023.


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