Fitrana Amount In Pakistan 2024

Fitrana Fixed Amount 2024 is Rs. 340 per head as per notification by official musti’s. fitrana is financial aid that is given to poor people before eid ul fitar namaz so that they can also participate in the joys and happiness of eid ul fitar 2024.

Fitrana Fixed Amount 2024 In Pakistan

A person who does keep Ramzan Fasts and also does offer prayers five times a day is responsible and it’s their duty to pay Fitrana 2024 Price by Mufti Abdul Khabeer Azad. People who don’t have money or do not want to give Fitrana Cash Amount 2024 to poor people can also donate 02 Kg of flour per head as a Fitrana Rate 2024 as it is also calculated at Rs. 340.

 Wheat (Gandum) – Rs 340

  • Barley (Jau) – Rs 800
  • Dates (Khajoor) – Rs 2400
  • Raisins (Kishmish) – Rs 5600
  • Dates/ Ajwa Date – Rs 14400

Fitrana Rupees 340 is compulsory to be paid before eid ul fitar namaz. You have to give fitrana according to the family members. Like if you have 3 members in your family then you have to give Rs 510 as fitrana to needy poor families. This Fitrana Amount 2024 is decided by Mufti Abdul Kabeer azad after meeting with great scholars & ulma Ikrams.

This is fixed amount and you can not decrease the amount by yourself. As the corona pandemic was at its peak so many the people goes down by line of poverty and there are many people in your community who will ask you for Fitrana 2024 Price as they are now needy and deserve your attention on eid ul fitar 2024 to provide their children with eid happiness.

Who you Should Give Fitrana?

If you are giving fitrana on this eid ul fitar 2024 then you should look for your nearest Relatives, friends circle, street, neighbors & local community people who are also eligible to have that money.

When To Give Fitrana?

Before offering eid ul fitar 2024 namaz you have to give it to the poor people. Without paying fitrana you will not eligible to offer eid prayer.

How Much Is Sadqa e Fitar in Pakistan 2024?

Central Committee of Ruet e hilal in Pakistan Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman and Mufti Abdul Khabeer Azad took a meeting and after minutes they decided that Rs. 340 will be Fixed Fitrana Amount In Pakistan 2024 for all people.


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