Egg Price In Pakistan Today 2024

Islamabad Today: Egg is every home’s usage in breakfast so every person in Pakistan very worried about increasing prices of eggs although they are from Punjab or Karachi. Egg Price In Pakistan varies differ in various cities of Pakistan. Every Pakistani use to eat eggs in breakfast and in winter boiled eggs are very famous because it give you full day energy to do your daily tasks but government of Pakistan is increasing the price of egg in Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi, multan etc. in last few months egg price is increased by 40% which is very high for poor and middle class family.

Today 1 Egg Price In Pakistan

Here at you can get complete details and information about egg Price In Lahore per dozen. Cause of egg inflammation will be discussed here. In open market eggs are now available with Rs. 17 per egg which will be provided to you on the Egg rate of 18. Along with eggs, Ghee, sugar, meat, milk, yougert, rice, flour, chicken and veggies like, lemons, potato, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, loki, arvi, eggplant, gourd, bitter gourd, ladyfingers, fruits including bananas, apply, graps are also so expensive that every Pakistani is worried to buy them and to bear their home expenses.

فی درجن قیمتشہر کا نامفی درجن قیمتشہر کا نام
190 روپے

450 روپے سے470 روپے


دیسی مرغی کے انڈے

420 روپے

400 روپے

اسلام آباد

شیور انڈے ہول سیل


450 روپے کلو


شیور مرغی زندہ

410 روپے

550 روپے


گولڈن مرغی کے انڈے

440 روپے

1400 روپے کلو


دیسی مرغی کا گوشت ہول سیل

420 روپے

150روپے کلو


مرغی کا گوشت

450 روپے




420 روپے

490 روپے کلو


دیسی مرغی کا گوشت پرچون سیل

186 روپےسکھر450روپےفیصل آباد

580 روپے

450 روپے فی کلو


فارمی انڈوں کی قیمت

برائلر گوشت کی قیمت

زندہ برائلر مرغی کی قیمت

430 روپےخضدار

In below you can also get an idea about how inflation is increasing.

  • ghee 320
  • sugar 110
  • , small meat 1300
  • , big 600 rupees per kg
  •  milk 130 rupees per liter
  •  yogurt 140
  •  white gram, 190
  •  rice 200
  • poultry 352
  •  live chicken 235 rupees per kg
  • eggs 161 rupees a dozen
  •  Potatoes Rs 40-60
  •  Onions Rs 50
  • Garlic Rs 180
  •  Ginger Rs 300
  • Peas Rs 240
  • Bitter Gourd 100
  • Green Chilies 132
  • Capsicum 144
  • Lemons 90
  • Tomatoes 50 to 70
  • Cucumbers 60
  • Cabbage 70
  • Eggplants 70
  • Turnips 60
  • Carrots 80
  • Arvi 60 per kg
  •  coriander Rs 18 per kg
  • apples Rs 100 to 150 per kg
  •  bananas at Rs 40 to 70
  •  pomegranates at Rs 150
  • guavas, 70
  • pears at Rs 200
  • grapes Rs 100 to 250 per bakery

Egg Price April 2024 In Pakistan

In Pakistan egg is favourite breakfast of kids as they like its taste & they love to carry it with their lunch boxes along with paratha but now eggs are becoming out of reach to the poor families as egg price In multan is increased by 20 to 25% that is very much high comparing to the previous 2-3 years.

Egg Price In Karachi

Egg Price In Gujranwala Dozen Rate is 200 but shaver eggs are on 185 per dozen. According to the poultry association they are going to increase the prices further in winter but customers says that current price is so much high.

Egg Price In Lahore

1 Egg Price in Peshawar is Rs 17. As winter season had set in so increase chicken, eggs & dry fruits is not ending. Many people love to eat Desi Eggs in winter but in this winter season Farm Eggs will be available Rs 300 per dozen rate egg and prices are increasing gradually and this will not be decreased. 12 eggs Rate In Karachi & Dozen Egg Price in Punjab will be differ because of weather  & sellers issues. Here in below you can see details of each city with egg Rate In Pakistan.

پنجاب کے مختلف شہروں کے لسٹ ریٹ

4950قصور4980اسلام آباد



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