5 Ways To Wear Hijab For Eid ul Azha Festive Season

new beautiful hijab designs 2019

We watch many girls around wearing Hijab & we see different hijab styles because every girl has a individual design of hijab. You can ask each girl to teach you their Hijab Hair Styles because this will be very offensive so google is best & only choice to do that beause google will not disappoint you because it has a good impression. All the girls who loves to tighten their hairs with flaunt Hijab Styles can find different types of simple Hijab Designs to enhance their beauty. Eid ul azha is just across some days and girls who wear hijab are searching for best & Latest Hijab Styles 2019 for eid ul azha. Here at webstudy.pk we will guide you to make perfect hijab styles step by step to flaunt this season with your extraordinary hijab.

5 Best Hijab Styles For Eid ul Azha 2019

Nowadays hijab is not only to cover your hairs or head but it is truly a style and it is changing day by day undergoing different styles & changes of colors. You will not have to compromise on your boring same style of hijab becahse here are Top Best Hijab Styles that you can do on this eid day. Now you can get a hijab with different colors, prints, stones, embroidery except then plain black color hijab. These beautiful colorful hijab will change your personality completely. Here five ways to style your headcover scarf and to flaunt this season with beautiful hijab styles 2019.

1: Drapes & Bows20-Hijab-Styles-You-Should-Try-In-2016-Pair-a-Colorful-Hijab-with-a-Black-Blazer

The silky shiny texture makes it perfect for occasions such as weddings and parties. Use a hijab cap underneath to make sure that the scarf doesn’t slip. Drape it, bow it and you’re good to go!

2: BackTied Knot20-Hijab-Styles-You-Should-Try-In-2016-Grab-Some-Different-Texture

Use soft cotton because it’s breathable and comfortable. This back-tied knot look is simple and perfect for this season. Do not forget to up your style game by adding some dangling earrings.

3: Silky Pashmina Drapepakistani bridal hijab designs 2018

Silky pashmina gives a formal feel to your look. The fabric drapes beautifully but needs to be worn with a hijab cap. Pair it with a delicate headband and step out looking perfect for any event.

4: Double Drape

This specific scarf is perfect for semi-formal occasions. Double drape and accentuate the look with the perfect pair of earrings.

5: Signature Style20-Hijab-Styles-You-Should-Try-In-2016-Try-Stunning-Gold-Details-With-Hijab

While this may look complicated, Tie your hair in a bun and wear your hijab cap. Then start with placing the scarf at your head and secure the scarf at the back with a safety pin. Now wrap the short end around your hair bun and secure the wrap. Then take the other end and drape it around your head leaving the loose end and pinning it behind your ear.


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