PIFRA Registration For Online Salary Slips Of Govt Employees

how to get pifra online salary slip for govt employees

Govt Employees Can Get Their Monthly Salary Slip From PIFRA Online. Since Govt Employees Had To Travel to Their Account Office For Their Salary Slip Now They Can Get Their Salary Slip Online In Their Email Inbox. Govt Job Holder Can Get Their Pay Slip In email Id From Pifra. Pakistan Finance department has launched a new service for their govt employees that they can get their payroll salary slips online at their email address as well they should not go to the accounts office to get their pay slip.

Pifra Salary Slip For Govt Employees

Sometimes you are very tired and not to go the accounting office to get your monthly payslip but now you can get your monthly pay slip in your email box. Download the monthly payslip on your email address that you will provide on pifra official website but first, you have to enter your complete data on https://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp to get your payroll slip.

How To Register Email Address For Pifra Online Pay Slip

This service is named Pifra online pay slip for all govt employees Males and females both can get their pifra payroll payslip online in their email address inbox. This service is available in all the provinces of Pakistan and for all the staff ie teachers, clerks, officers, Doctors, and all other permanent government employees. Pifra abbreviation is “project Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing”. It shows the total meaning of this service.

Click Here To Get Your Salary Slip

After all the procedures you did on pifra.gov.pk and getting signed up on pifra then you are registered on pifra to get the official online pay slip by email. Pifra will send your payslip online to your email box on a monthly basis including your home-to-rent, allowance, medical allowance, and other information on your pay slip.

Complete Method How To Register For Online Salary Slip

Employee Needs All Their Documents From Them Employee Can Get Details To Register Himself On PIFRA Online Pay Slip Website. Male and female government employees Will Register For Pifra Online Payroll Pay Slip. All Govt Employees Can Get Their Pension & Pay Only If They Download Their Pay Roll Slip From pifra.gov.pk

Information That You Need To Register On PIFRA

  1. Employee Should a Member Of Govt Department
  2. Employee’s Personal Number
  3. Province
  4. CNIC Number
  5. Yahoo Or Gmail Email ID
  6. Complete Name Registered On CNIC
  7. Pay Scale Or BPS
  8. Mobile Number

If Employee Have All These Details Then Employee Should Visit https://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp#PIFRA online pay & pension slip for govt employees-webstudy.pk

Then Employee Have To Choose Province By Single Letter In Govt Code Box i.e You Will Insert P For Punjab F For Federal N For KPK Govt S For Sindh B For Balochistan DGP For District Govt Punjab K For Kashmir GB For Gilgit Baltistan GBC For GB Council & C For Kashmir Council.

  • Next Type “Employee’s Number” That Can Be Get From Department Accountant Or District Account Office.
  • Next Type Your CNIC Without Dashes ( – )
  • Next Insert employee’s Date Of Birth & Mobile Number.
  • Next Press Next Button (If You Give the Correct Information Then You Will Be Prompt To Type Your Registered Email Address Of Yahoo Or Gmail Then Press Next)
  • Next, You Will Receive an SMS On your Mobile Of Successful SignUp To the PIFRA Online Pay Slip.

Govt Mulazmeen Registration Complete Procedure To Get Their Online Pay Slip Via Yahoo Or Gmail Email On Monthly Basis. You, Will, Get All Your Department, Bank Account, Pay Allowances, Address & Other Information On Payroll Pay Slip File.

What Is PIFRA….?

PIFRA Stands For “Project To Improve Financial Reporting And Auditing” In Pakistan. The main objective of this project is to computerize the whole accounting and auditing system of Pakistan. The idea behind computerizing the whole system is to generate timely, accurate, and reliable financial statements; to monitor fiscal deficit; forecast the flow of cash; manage public debt, and achieve effective financial controls.

How Can We Use PIFRA….?

Pifra Means To Us In Two Different Ways

National Level

  • We Can Information About the Integration Of Budget & Expenditure Flow
  • Accuracy & Timeliness In Reporting
  • Cash Forecasting
  • International Credibility
  • Transparency In Accounting System
  • Good Governance
  • Elimination Of Fraudulent Activities

Individual Level

  • Integration Of Salary Network
  • Pension / Commutation Calculation Through System
  • Consolidated Personal Information
  • Updated GP Fund Accounts
  • GP Fund Calculation Through The System

To Register Yourself On PIFRA For Salary Slip Click Here

Pifra Pay Slip Wrong Email Address Registration Solution:

  • Sometimes you just did some mistake that will lead you to the wrong registration on pifra. so to avoid this kind of problem just follow the simple tips written below.
  • Try that you own fill out your form.
  • Before you fill the form please collect all the necessary information so that mistakes can not happen.
  • Use only “yahoo” or “Gmail” accounts to sign up at Pifra.
  • Write your information carefully on the form because if your information will be wrong then pifra will not send you pay slip.
  • Proofread at least two times.
  • Write your CNIC number and email address carefully.
  • Salary slip will be sent up to you in PDF format that can be printout in any PDF reader.

If you Did Not Recieve Your Pay Slip Then:

  • If you sign up this month then Pifra will send you a salary slip in the early days of next month.
  • If you have registered month a since and you did not receive your payslip then check your email spam folder.




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