Today Sugar Rate In Pakistan April 2024

Sugar is the main item in the kitchen that every family in Pakistan uses. Each person in Pakistan loves to eat it and have it in their tea, coffee,  milk, and deserts like it is now included in their lifestyle. Today Sugar Rate In Punjab is likely announced here at that you can check regularly as well as you can also get the Sugar Price in Pakistan wholesale dealers rate latest. Many of the sugar mills have started the crushing season and Pakistan is producing the sugar on its own but unfortunately, we are unable to get sugar at cheap rates.

Sugar Price In Pakistan Today April 2024

White Sugar Price per Kg in Pakistan Today April 2024 is just asked in this post and we have updated all the Sugar 50KG Price in Pakistan today list by AC’s recommendations. You can also get information about sugar price on Imtiaz Supermarket, sugar price in the metro, sugar price wholesale, sugar price per kg & sugar price in shops today April 2024.

Today 1 Kg Sugar Price In Punjab:

The government of Pakistan announced notification that Sugar Price in Punjab will be sale on govt price than Rs 120 per kg but most of the shopkeepers are not selling on its price because according to them wholesale dealers are not giving them on the government price so they are to sell expensive Sugar Price In Faisalabad.

Sugar Rate In Karachi April 2024

Sugar Rate April 2024 In Pakistan will be updated here at so bookmark this page & keep visiting to check the latest Mill Sugar Rate In Pakistan for wholesale. this year Pakistan Sugar Rate 2024 is increased to Rs 120 per kg. you can also check the 50 kg sugar price in Pakistan in April 2024 rate.

DescriptionPrice (PKR)
Price per 100 kg bag of sugar11,500
Market price of sugar per kg130
Wholesale price of sugar per kg120
Sugar Rates in Different Regions (Per kg)
Sugar Mills in Pakistan
Baba Farid Sugar Mills Ltd
Shah Taj Sugar Mills Pvt Ltd
JauharAbad Sugar Mills Ltd
Pasrur Sugar Mills Ltd
Chanar Sugar Mills Ltd
Abdulla Sugar Pvt Ltd
Haseeb Waqas Sugar Pvt Ltd
Pakistan Sugar Milla Association
Tadianwala Kanjwani Sugar Mills
Premier Sugar Mills
Layyah Sugar Mills
Hanza Sugar Mills
Hussain Sugar Mills
Noor Sugar Mills Limited
Two Star Industries Private Limited
Huda Sugar Mills
Chaudhary Sugar Mills
Adam Sugar Mills
JDW Sugar Pvt Ltd
Sugar Production Process
Extract sugar cane juice
Heat in boiler to evaporate water content
Centrifugation to remove impurities
Heat to evaporate water content
Air-dry and crush into sugar powder
Ittehad Sugar Mill Rate13,020
Hussain Sugar Mill Rate Today13,400
Shah Taj Sugar Mill Rate Today13,500
Kissan Sugar Mill Rate Today13,350
Papuler Sugar Mill Rate Today13,400
Joharabad Sugar Mill Rate Today13,625
Kamalia Sugar Mill Rate Today13,450
Chanar Sugar Mill Rate Today13,400
Al Arabia Sugar Mill Rate Today13,600
Safina Sugar Mill Rate Today13,350
Adam Sugar Mill Rate Today13,450
Ashraf Sugar Mill Rate Today13,400
Layyah Sugar Mill Rate Today13,500
Chashma Sugar Mill Rate Today13,300
Sellanwalli Sugar Mill Rate Today13,350
Indus Sugar Mill Rate Today13,450
Khanjawni Sugar Mill Rate Today13,500
Kashmir Sugar Mill Rate Today13,350
Bhalwal Sugar Mill Rate Today13,500
Jhung Sugar Mill Rate Today13,500
Bhoon Sugar Mill Rate Today13,450
Darya Khan Sugar Mill Rate13,800
Ramzan Sugar Mill Rate Today13,100
JDW Sugar Mill Rate Today13,000
Ghotki Sugar Mill Rate Today13,200
Dharki Sugar Mill Rate Today13,180
AKT Sugar Mill Rate Today13,175
Alliance Sugar Mill Rate Today13,200
Nodero Sugar Mill Rate Today13,500
Fatima Sugar Mill Rate Today13,200
RYK Sugar Mill Rate Today13,600
SGM Sugar Mill Rate Today13,500
Kiran Sugar Mill Rate Today13,350
Khairpur Sugar Mill Rate Today13,365
Ranipur Sugar Mill Rate Today13,550
Sanghar Sugar Mill Rate Today13,400
Omni Sugar Mill Rate Today13,450
United Sugar Mill Price13,000
Bawani Sugar Mill Rate Today13,450
Sheikhu Sugar Mill Rates13,200
Mehran Sugar Mill Prices13,450
Faran Sugar Mill Rate Today13,450
Al Abbas Sugar Mill Rates13,450

FAQs Sugar Price in Pakistan:

What is the current price of sugar in Pakistan?

As of the most recent data available, the current price of sugar per kilogram in the market is around 130 PKR, while the wholesale price is slightly lower at 120 PKR per kilogram. The price for a 100 kg bag of sugar is approximately 11,500 PKR.

How do sugar rates vary across different regions in Pakistan?

Sugar rates vary across different regions in Pakistan. In Punjab, sugar prices range from 95 PKR to 130 PKR per kilogram, in KPK from 110 PKR to 140 PKR per kilogram, in Sindh from 95 PKR to 120 PKR per kilogram, and in Balochistan from 110 PKR to 135 PKR per kilogram.

Why is sugar considered an essential commodity in Pakistan?

Sugar, famously known as “safaid cheeni” locally, is considered an essential ingredient in every Pakistani diet. It is widely used in various meals from breakfast to dinner, making it a staple food item for many households.

How has inflation impacted sugar prices in Pakistan over the past years?

Sugar prices in Pakistan have experienced notable increases over the past years, mainly due to rising prices in all the processes involved in bringing sugar to market shelves. Inflationary pressures on the economy have contributed to these price hikes.

What are the factors affecting the price of sugar in Pakistan?

Several factors influence the price of sugar in Pakistan. These include production and supply, weather conditions, demand, government policies, and international prices of sugar.

How many sugar mills are operational in Pakistan?

Pakistan has around 95 major sugar mills, operating in provinces like KPK, Punjab, and Sindh. Additionally, there are numerous other sugar mills that are not publicly known.

How is sugar produced in Pakistan?

Sugar production in Pakistan involves extracting sugar cane juice from sugar cane sticks, evaporating the water content, undergoing centrifugation to remove complex particles, and finally air-drying and crushing the sugar into powder.

How does the government of Pakistan control sugar prices?

The government of Pakistan can implement measures like imposing price caps and regulating imports and exports to control the prices of sugar in the market.

What are the historical trends in sugar prices in Pakistan?

Over the past few years, sugar prices in Pakistan have remained volatile, with 2019 witnessing an all-time high of 120 PKR per kilogram, leading to concerns among consumers.

How should consumers ensure the quality and authenticity of sugar purchases?

Consumers are advised to buy sugar from authoritative dealers or seek consultation from experts in the related industry to avoid purchasing unauthorized or fraudulent products, which could lead to significant losses in the long run.


Price of sugar in Pakistan has increased over the past years. As of the news about the price of sugar per 1 kilogram in Pakistan market is around 130 PKR, while the wholesale price is slightly lower at 120 PKR per kilogram. The price for a 100 kg of sugar is approximately 11,500 PKR that very much high for struggling families across Pakistan.

There are many different varieties of sugar in Pakistan and in today sugar rates in Pakistan, with prices ranging from 95 PKR to 130 PKR per kilogram in Punjab, 110 PKR to 140 PKR per kilogram in KPK, 95 PKR to 120 PKR per kilogram in Sindh, and 110 PKR to 135 PKR per kilogram in Balochistan.

Sugar is a vital part of our Pakistani meals, from breakfast to dinner. It’s a key ingredient in many dishes we love. The sugar industry is significant for our economy, with numerous sugar mills operating in different provinces. Process of making sugar is very much interesting that famers gets sugarcaine from fields then process it in factories, remove water from sugarcain, dry & crush it into small particles.

Price of sugar depends on many factors like weather, government rules, international prices etc. government also can put a limit to sugar sold & its import or export. Today, the price of sugar is essential for all of us. It’s very hard to keep an eye on these price changes, so government should take some notice to make sure sugar remains affordable for everyone.


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