Today Sugar Rate In Pakistan April 2022

Sugar is the main item in the kitchen that every family in Pakistan uses. Each person in Pakistan loves to eat it and have it in their tea, coffee,  milk, and deserts like it is now included in their lifestyle. Today Sugar Rate In Punjab is likely announced here at that you can check regularly as well as you can also get the Sugar Price in Pakistan wholesale dealers rate latest. Many of the sugar mills have started the crushing season and Pakistan is producing the sugar on its own but unfortunately, we are unable to get sugar at cheap rates.

Sugar Price In Pakistan Today April 2022

White Sugar Price per Kg in Pakistan Today April  2022 is just asked in this post and we have updated all the Sugar 50KG Price in Pakistan today list by AC’s recommendations. You can also get information about sugar price on Imtiaz Supermarket, sugar price in the metro, sugar price wholesale, sugar price per kg & sugar price in shops today April 2022.

Today Sugar Price In Punjab:

The government of Pakistan announced notification that Sugar Price in Punjab will be sale on govt price than Rs 90 per kg but most of the shopkeepers are not selling on its price because according to them wholesale dealers are not giving them on government price so they are to sell expensive Sugar Price In Faisalabad.

Sugar Rate In karachi April 2022

Sugar Rate April 2022 In Pakistan will be updated here at so bookmark this page & keep visiting to check the latest Mill Sugar Rate In Pakistan for wholesale. this year Pakistan Sugar Rate 2022 is increased to Rs 120 per kg. you can also check the 50 kg sugar price in Pakistan in April 2022 rate.

قیمت چینی
8100روپے سوکلوگرام چینی کی فی بوری کی قیمت
چینی 94 روپے  خوردہ مارکیٹ میں فی کلوگرام
86 روپے فی کلوگرام چینی کی تھوک قیمت
فی کلوگرام چینی کی تھوک قیمت 86 روپے سے گھٹ کر81 روپے  ایک کلوگرام چینی کی قیمت تھوک قیمت 5 روپے کی کمی
گھی کی قیمت فی کلو 254
گنے کی فی من قیمت 270 سے 300 روپے فی من چینی کی قیمت ایک بار پھر 100 روپے کلو سے اوپر
آٹے کا تھیلا 20کلو Rs.805
گندم فی من Rs.1375

Today Price of Sugar White: Rs. 92

Last 15 days prices





1 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 94 17 Apr 2022
2 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 94 16 Apr 2022
3 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 94 15 Apr 2022
4 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 94 14 Apr 2022
5 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 94 13 Apr 2022
6 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 94 12 Apr 2022
7 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 94 11 Apr 2022
8 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 10 Apr 2022
9 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 09 Apr 2022
10 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 08 Apr 2022
11 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 07 Apr 2022
12 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 06 Apr 2022
13 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 05 Apr 2022
14 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 04 Apr 2022
15 Sugar White (Kg) Rs. 85 03 Apr 2022


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