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Surah Rehman is the 55th Surat in the 27th chapter of the Holy Quran e Pak. It is located in 7th manzil and written in Arabic but you can also download Surah Rehman Urdu Translation from this page. Surah Al Rehman Audio, Video, MP3, Mp4, HD with Urdu Translation and English Translation available here at that you can get on your mobile, pc, desktop, laptop free.

Download Surah Rehman Audio Video Urdu Translation

Many People Who Can not recite Arabic listen to the Surah Al Rahman Audio Download. Many people use Suratul Rehman Mp3 Download with translation for reliving Stress and anxiety. So is providing you with complete Surah Rahman Urdu Translation and text pdf download links. Sura Rehman is a great heart-touching verse in the Holy Quran that changes the life of a Muslim.

Surah-Rehman PDF Download

In the name of Allah who is most kind & Most Merciful.

(Allah) who is Most Gracious!

It is he who taught the Al-Quran.

Allah has created man.

He has taught him speech & “intelligence”

The sun & the moon follow courses.

And the herbs & the trees both prostrate in esteem.

And the firmament has He raised high, & He has set up the balance of Justice,

In order that ye may not disobey “due” balance.

So establish weight with justice & did not fall short in the balance.

It is he who spread the earth for his creatures (humanity).

Therein are fruit & date palms, producing spathes.

Also, corn, with (its) leaves & stalk for fodder, & sweet-smelling plants.

Then which of the favors of your Allah will ye deny?

He has created man (humanity) from sounding clay like pottery,

And He created Jinns from fire free of smoke:

Then which of the favors of your Lord (Allah Almighty) will you refuse?

He is the Lord of two Easts & Lord of the two Wests.

Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?

He let free the 2 bodies of flowing water, joining together:

Between them there is a (Barrier) which they don’t contravene:


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