State Bank Of Pakistan New Currency Notes 2024

State Bank Of Pakistan is going to issue Fresh New Currency Notes On Eid ul fitar 2024 those will be crispy and will be the favorite of every kid and youngster. This year it’s big news for all the people In Pakistan that SBP New Currency Note 2024 Issue because previous some years due to corona pandemic government was unable to provide New Currency, Notes 10s Packet 2024 from banks but now in 2024 New Currency Notes 8877 will be available for you.

State Bank New Currency Notes 2024 On Eid

Every kid and young generation loves to have Fresh Currency Notes in their pockets and wallets because they are crispy and gives your personality a unique look. Here in this article, we will brief you completely on how to Get New Currency Notes On Eid 2024 via 8877 code. All you need is a bank branch code number and a valid CNIC number to Get Fresh Currency Notes 2024. State Bank of Pakistan New Currency Notes 2024 for eid will be 10, 20, 50 & 100 packets.

You can get 10s, the 20s, 50s & 100s new currency notes worth rupees 18000 without paying any taxes. All you need to type a text message and type your CNIC number and bank branch code number and send this message to 8877 and you will be registered for New Currency Notes 2024 Eid Ul Fitar. You will cost Rs 2+ tax for this message. In this post, you will know complete information about How To Get New Currency Notes in Pakistan 2024 eid ul fitar by Pakistan bank association.

This is planed by the government that new currency notes will be issued after the 15th Ramzan till 28th Ramzan 2024. Govt New Currency Notes 2024 will be enough for you and your children for eid ul fitar 2024. Many people get that New Fresh Money Notes 2024 Eid ul fitar and sell them in the market after having a good margin. New currency notes will give your child’s eid ul fitar happiness more glow and slowly it becomes a tradition to get Fresh Currency Notes 2024 as eidi.


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