Ramadan Calendar 2024 | Sehr-o-Aftaar Time Table

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and is ascertained by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the primary revelation of the Quran to Muhammad consistent with Muslim belief. This annual observance is considered one in every of the 5 Pillars of Islam. [5] The month lasts 29–30 days and supports the visual sightings of the crescent moon, consistent with varied chronicle accounts compiled within the hadiths.

Rawalpindi Islamabad Sehr o Aftaar Timing 2024

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107, Tue03:52 AM12:07 PM04:53 PM06:51 PM08:21 PM
208, Wed03:51 AM12:07 PM04:53 PM06:52 PM08:22 PM
309, Thu03:50 AM12:06 PM04:54 PM06:53 PM08:23 PM
410, Fri03:49 AM12:06 PM04:54 PM06:53 PM08:24 PM
511, Sat03:48 AM12:06 PM04:54 PM06:54 PM08:25 PM
612, Sun03:47 AM12:06 PM04:54 PM06:55 PM08:25 PM
713, Mon03:46 AM12:06 PM04:55 PM06:55 PM08:26 PM
814, Tue03:45 AM12:06 PM04:55 PM06:56 PM08:27 PM
915, Wed03:44 AM12:06 PM04:55 PM06:57 PM08:28 PM
1016, Thu03:43 AM12:06 PM04:56 PM06:57 PM08:29 PM
1117, Fri03:42 AM12:06 PM04:56 PM06:58 PM08:30 PM
1218, Sat03:42 AM12:06 PM04:56 PM06:59 PM08:31 PM
1319, Sun03:41 AM12:06 PM04:57 PM06:59 PM08:32 PM
1420, Mon03:40 AM12:06 PM04:57 PM07:00 PM08:33 PM
1521, Tue03:39 AM12:06 PM04:57 PM07:01 PM08:34 PM
1622, Wed03:38 AM12:06 PM04:57 PM07:01 PM08:35 PM
1723, Thu03:38 AM12:07 PM04:58 PM07:02 PM08:36 PM
1824, Fri03:37 AM12:07 PM04:58 PM07:03 PM08:36 PM
1925, Sat03:36 AM12:07 PM04:58 PM07:03 PM08:37 PM
2026, Sun03:35 AM12:07 PM04:59 PM07:04 PM08:38 PM
2127, Mon03:35 AM12:07 PM04:59 PM07:04 PM08:39 PM
2228, Tue03:34 AM12:07 PM04:59 PM07:05 PM08:40 PM
2329, Wed03:34 AM12:07 PM05:00 PM07:06 PM08:41 PM
2430, Thu03:33 AM12:07 PM05:00 PM07:06 PM08:41 PM
2531, Fri03:33 AM12:07 PM05:00 PM07:07 PM08:42 PM
2601, Sat03:32 AM12:08 PM05:00 PM07:07 PM08:43 PM
2702, Sun03:32 AM12:08 PM05:01 PM07:08 PM08:44 PM
2803, Mon03:31 AM12:08 PM05:01 PM07:08 PM08:44 PM
2904, Tue03:31 AM12:08 PM05:01 PM07:09 PM08:45 PM



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