Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema Time, Date & Schedule 2024

Raiwind is famous city of Pakistan got fame because of two things, one is residence of Nawaz Sharif that is located at Jati Umrah and second most famous thing about raiwind is its Tableegi Ijtema that came to place time by time. People joins it and then leave for various cities of Pakistan to spread the teachings of islam. Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema Schedule 2024 is here webstudy.pk in which you can seek its timing, date & addresses by mufti’s. Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema is one of the largest muslim ijtema in Pakistan in which every muslim should join and seek some Islamic knowledge. Next Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema will be held in November 2024 in which thousands of muslim will join from all over the Pakistan and world.

Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema 2024 Schedule , Time & Date

Due to the covid restrictions Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema Time, Date & Schedule 2024 will be held in two phases. All the officials visit to the raiwind markaz for security & management arraingements check. Depty commissioner also visit the Raiwind Tableegi Markaz for covid sops & anti dengue spray surveillance  to protect the participants from these disease.  There is a RHC that will also provide medical assistance to the Raiwind Ijtema November 2024 Schedule. All the doctors & paramedical staff will be on call & their attendance, cleanliness of center, medicine stock will be updated. They will also make some extraordinary arrangement to meet such incedent.

Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema Schedule In Urdu English

2nd phase of Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema will be started from 1st to3rd November 2024 & its 2nd phase will be started from 7th to 9th November 2024. Pakistan railways also launched special trains to carry the passengers to the raiwind tableegi markaz. People from  sindh, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Faisalabad, dir, Peshawar, swat, haripur, Karachi, quetta,balochistan, Bahawalpur, multan, di khan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, bannu, kohat, mardan will be joining the raiwind markaz in devided phases. Special Dua will be held at 8:00 PM each last day of the repective phase.

Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema Schedule 2024 in Urdu

راۓونڈ عالمی تبلیغی اجتماع
(پہلا حصہ 31 اکتوبر کی عصر سے 3 نومبر تک)
حلقہ نمبر3 دیر
حلقہ نمبر 5 سرگودھا
حلقہ نمبر 8 سندھ
حلقہ نمبر 12 راولپنڈی
حلقہ نمبر13 بنوں
(دوسرا حصّہ 7 نومبر کی عصر سے 10 نومبر تک)
حلقہ نمبر2 گوجرانوالہ
حلقہ نمبر 9 مانسہرہ
حلقہ نمبر 14 بہاولپور
حلقہ نمبر 16 کوہاٹ
حلقہ نمبر 17 مردان

Raiwind ijtema Bayanat schedule

1-جمعرات- عصر بیان مولانا نذرالرحمن صاحب
2-جمعرات_مغرب بیان مولانا ابراھیم صاحب
3-جمعہ – فجر بیان قاری زبیر صاحب
4-جمعہ – جمعے کے بعد بیان مولانا اسماعیل صاحب
5-جمعہ – عصر بیان مولانا زہیر صاحب
6- جمعہ- مغرب بیان مولانا مولانا احمد لاٹ صاحب
7-ہفتہ – فجر بیان مولانا عبدالرحمن صاحب بمبئ
8-ہفتہ- ظہر بیان مولانا ربیع الحق صاحب
9-ہفتہ- عصر بیان بھائ فاروق صاحب
10- ہفتہ مغرب بیان مولانا ابراھیم صاحب
11-اتوار – ھدایات مولانا خورشید صاحب
12-اتوار دعا مولانا ابراھیم صاحب
جمعہ دینی مدارس میں مولانا احمد لاٹ صاحب


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