Punjab Education Department Summer Vacations Notification 2024

The Education Department of Punjab has announced the notification of Punjab Summer Vacations 2024 from 1st June 2024 to 1st August 2024. There might be a change in notification after 1st august according to the summer season and weather forecast. All the public government, Private & Semi government schools will be closed from 1st June to August 1st 2024.

Punjab Schools Summer Holidays 2024 Notification

As the corona pandemic is ended now and there is no more increase in corona cases so the government of Pakistan has unbanned all the SOPs from schools & education departments so from now educational institutes will be on track with the same energy that was before corona. Before corona Punjab Summer Holidays Notification was from 1st June to 1st august hence this year 2024 will be the same as 2023. After the sumer holidays schools will conduct examinations from children.

Punjab education department has also announced the next year’s academic Schedule 2024 for all the Punjab institutes that will begin on 1st August 2024. The duration of summer Vacation 2024 will be 2 months and can be increased if hot weather will severe otherwise schools will reopen on 1st august 2024. All the students in high schools demand to do Ramzan Vacations instead of Summer vacations as they need most in Ramzan because while fasting they cant come so school properly and cant study easily in Ramzan.

This notification is for all Govt Schools, Private institutes in Punjab & also for semi-government schools. Schools will take one month’s vacation fee from students in advance. Before that schools were taking 3 months vacation fees from parents and that was very discomfort for poor parents but now the high court has ordered to take only a 1-month vacation fee. Students can also take part in summer camps to enhance their capability and go through their syllabus for better results.


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