Naya Pakistan Housing Program – How To Fill Registration Form Correctly

how to fill apna ghar housing scheme registration form

Apna ghar housing scheme by PM imran khan is started in 7 different districts of pakistan in which 50 lac houses will be build for poor people. All the people can apply for naya Pakistan housing program by submitting the registration form to the related office with the registration fee of Rs. 250/- per form. Here is complete guideline about how to fill the naya Pakistan house program application form in right way. You can download apna ghar housing scheme form from official nadra website or from our website. Army and all the other related departments will help PM to build houses for families who can afford to make a shelter for themselves. Here is details of Apna Ghar Housing scheme application form submittion.

How To Fill Apna Ghar Scheme Registration Form

  • Fill the registration form with Capital letters

فارم بڑے حروف میں درج کریں

  • Candidate must have to fill all the required information on the form

فارم پر تمام معلومات صحیح طور پر پر کریں

  • This is clearly written on the Naya Pakistan Housing Program Registration Form that this form is for registration only.

یہ فارم صرف رجسٹریشن کے لیے استعمال ہوگا

  • Location of the house, design, map and price will be decided on the behalf of information you will provide on registration form.

گھر کی جگہ، ڈیزائن اور قیمت کا تعین اسی معلومات کی بنیاد پر ہوگا۔

  • Government will give priority to those poor people who do not own any house or plot.

جن کے پاس گھر نہیں ہے۔ ان کو ترجیح دی جائے گی

  • Only one family member (from wife, husband or children) is able to to apply for Apna Ghar Housing Scheme 2024.

گھر کا صرف ایک ممبر ہی گھر کے لیے درخواست دے سکتا ہے۔

  • Rs. 250 should be submit with registration form on the time of submittion in related office.

فارم 250 روپے فیس کے ساتھ جمع کروانا لازمی یے۔

On the application form you must fill the following information with block alphabetics. فارم پر درج زیل معلومات لکھنا ضروری ہیں

  • Name (as per CNIC)

شناختی کارڈ کے مطابق نام

  • CNIC Number

شناختی کارڈ کانمبر

  • Mobile Number

موبائل نمبر

  • Residence Phone Number

رہائش کا فون نمبر

  • Profession


  • Current Residence

موجودہ ریائش

  • Total Monthly Income

ماہانہ آمدنی

  • Monthly Installment Plan

ماہانہ اقساط

  • Number of Residents expected to live in house

کتنے لوگ گھر میں رہیں گے؟

  • Desired Location of house

گھر کے لیے من پسند جگہ

  • District


  • Tehsil


  • City or Town or villege

شہر، گاوں، قصبہ

  • Signature or thumb impression

سائن یا انگوٹھے کا نشان

Last Date to Submit Form:  

After filling the application form you have to submit the registration form to the related office. District wise DCO office and where to submit registration form list is given below.

Sukkur: DC Office, Sukkur

Quetta: NADRA Registration Center, adjacent Helper Eye Hospital, Sariab Road Quetta

Gilgit: DC Office, Gilgit

Muzaffarabad: DC Office old secretariat, Muzaffarabad

Swat: DC Office, District Court, Mengura Swat

Islamabad: NADRA Mega Center, Blue Area Islamabad

Faisalabad: DC Office Faisalabad

Download Registration Form Here


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