Haier Automatic Washing Machine Designs With Price 2024

Haier is famous Pakistani electronic brand that invents various Haier Automatic Washing Machine In Pakistan on affording prices. Haier Auto Washing Machine Price In Pakistan is lowest Rs. 14300 and average Haier Automatic Washing Machine Price In Pakistan is 41,011. Haier gives you the 10 years of motor warranty and 1 year accessories warranty. Haier Automatic Washing Machine designs 2024 are beautiful with affordable prices.

Haier Auto Washing Machine Prices 2024 with Designs

Haier cloth washing machine automatic is best in Pakistan with affordable prices & durability. Every Pakistani women know this brand and its various technologies that can ease your work. Haier Washing Machine Price 2024 In Pakistan is available here at you can order online or can purchase it from your nearest Haier Store. Haier produces the integrated and innovative technologies with great engineering & beautiful designs that can make your beautiful house more beautiful.

Auto Restart Function

The 9 kg capacity machines feature Auto Restart Technology that allows for the user to carry on with their activities and not worrying about restarting the machine manually during power outages.

Powerful Motor

Haier has integrated a highly efficient and powerful motor in its automatic washing machine range. These machines are designed to take heavy loads and will quickly and efficiently wash and dry up clothes with powerful rotation and thorough cleaning.

Digital Panel

The two way coated touch-sensitive digital panel efficiently displays the remaining time of wash cycles. The display is designed to withstand liquid splashes and won’t get damaged with water etc.

Steel Drum & Glass Lid

Automatic washing machines by Haier come with inner steel drum that is anti-rust and won’t corrode. The top loader variety features a glass lid integrated with a hydraulic system that automatically shuts down and does not need to be shut manually. Haier has designed the glass lid to be durable and heavy that can withstand accidental blows and heavy load.

Multi-Function & Multi-Compartment

Haier Automatic Washing Machines come with separate compartments for liquid detergent, powder detergent and fabric softener. You can use multiple functions like spin, quick wash, heavy wash for clothes like wool, delicate spin and air dry etc. The automatic variety allows for quick washing, rinsing, spinning and air drying of fabrics within one machine.

Lint Filter

The lint filter inside the steel washing tub catches all dirt and debris from the clothes and prevents them from entering into the machine. This prevents damage and eliminates the need for frequent servicing of the equipment.

Bubble Wash & Rat Mesh

Haier has installed a dense rat mesh in its washing machines. It prevents the entry of mice and other crawlers into the machine and protects the sensitive parts and wires from damage. There is a powerful bubble wash feature integrated into these machines that when paired with the strong motor ensures thorough cleaning of fabrics.

Make sure not to try washing blankets or quilts in these machines as it is not designed to wash a material of that size. Haier automatic washing machines are priced according to their size and type but most fall in the affordable category.

Haier Washing Machine Price List:

Haier Spinner HWS-6050 + National Deluxe Automatic Iron RM-…Rs. 14,300
Haier Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 90-17…Rs. 46,500
Haier HWM 120-1789 12KG Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Ma…Rs. 55,000
Haier Single Tub Washing Machine HWM-12035FF + National Del…Rs. 18,500
Haier HWM 90-1789 Top Loading Fully AutomaticRs. 49,900
Haier HWM 150-1708 15KG Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 61,000
Haier Full Automatic Washing Machine HWM-120-826ERs. 53,350
Haier Automatic Washing Machine 12kg HWM 120-826Rs. 55,500
Haier (HWM150-1678) Top Load Full Automatic Washing Machine…Rs. 66,201
Haier -09kg/ Fully Automatic/ Top Loading Washing Machine/ …Rs. 44,999



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