Gree Air Conditioner 1 Ton & 1.5 Ton Price In Pakistan 2021

In hot summer season when everyone wants to rest in cool air conditioned room but most of people are afraid of electricity bills as air conditioners consume a lot of electricity that cause a monthly problem. Gree Ac prices 2021 are very affordable that also consumes less electricity and provide best quality. Everyone wants a air conditioner that consume low electricity and provide better quality so that they can relax in cool environment without any anxiety of bills. Gree Air Conditioner 1 ton Latest Price 2021 are reasonable & they also provide finest relaxing environment rather than other ACs.

Gree Air Conditioner Price In Pakistan 1.5 Ton & 1 Ton

Here at you can check online Gree 1 ton Ac price 2021 and also you can buy a second hand gree 1.5 ton gree ac on installments. Gree company is little bit expensice than other companies but its quality is much better than of that. Gree 1.5 ton ac price 2021 is not yet announced by company but you can check Gree AC 1.5 Ton Rate list 2021 here at and latest gree ac prices will be updated here very soon. You can also buy Gree inverter AC price 2021 that will also do work in winter season with its warm blows.

Below is last year Gree ac prices that will change this year.

Gree, 1.5 Ton 1 Ton Prices

  1. Gree GlO Inverter 1 Ton (12000 BTU) GS-12CITH1S: Rs. 59,900/-
  2. GreeLOMO Series GS-12LM4 1 Ton: Rs. 41,500/-
  3. Gree Crest Series GS-12CZ8 1 Ton: Rs. 38,500/-
  4. GreeCool Art Series GS-24CZ8A 1 Ton: Rs. 64,000/-
  5. GreeGlO Inverter 1 Ton (12000 BTU) GS-12CITH1B: Rs. 59,900/-
  6. GreeGlO Inverter 1.5 Ton (18000 BTU) GS-18CITH1S: Rs. 82,900/-
  7. GreeGlO Inverter 1.5 Ton (18000 BTU) GS-18CITH1B: Rs. 82,900/-
  8. GreeLOMO Series GS-18LM4 1.5 Ton: Rs. 52,000/-
  9. Gree Crest Series GS-18CZ8S 1.5 Ton: Rs. 50,000/-

Gree company also make many other electric appliances ie fans, water dispensers, water kettles, air purifiers, rice cooker, air fryer, heater & refrigerators. You can check these items latest prices and can order online it from ecommerce websites. Gree Air conditioner Prices in Pakistan 2021 1.5 ton & 1 ton are fully updated here according to the company.


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