Government – Private Hajj Flight Schedule In Pakistan 2024

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Hajj flights operations are now started to shift hujjaj from pakistan to saudi arabia. First flight will be departured on 25th july 2024 and will continue for 1 month. In this period of time 107526 hajjis will go for hajj under government Hajj scheme and remaining hujjaj will go at their own resources. Many private hajj organizers have planed to performe hajjis stay in holy land of saudi arabia.

Govt Private Hajj Flights Schedule 2024 Pakistan

By saudi government 179210 pakistani person will perform hajj. First flight will be on 25th july 2024 and totall number of hujjaj is 107526 while last flight will be in august 2024. Saudi governement have finalized abe zam zam quantity that every hajji can take 5 litr of zam zam water with them at return.

First hajj flight will be departure from peshawar city in july 2024. Except PIA there are two more air companies whose taking the responsibility to transport the hajji from pak to saudi arabia and those airlines are Shaheen Air line and Saudi Airlines. Hajj Flight Schedule Is now updated by government of pakistan that given below in chart that you can check online hajj flights 2024 schedule by govt.

Governemnt and private hajj flights schedule 2024 in pakistan is now announced by govt of pakistan and governement of pakistan hajj scheme 2024 approved hujjaj will be transport from pakistan to makkah by private airlines. If are one of those who is going for hajj from govt pakistan hajj scheme and wants to know about hajj flights 2024 details then you are on right place where because is providing you with all the information and details about private hajj scheme 2024 and hajj flights details 2024 departure cities list. According to hajj policy 2024 there are 180000 pakistanis who are going to perform hajj for which governemtn took applications from candidates then do balloting of those hajj applications for government hajj scheme 2024. Finaly short listed candidates in april 2024 are now going for hajj in july 2024. Hajjis from Quetta, Karachi, Sukkur will pay 287381 PKR and from lahore, islamabad, rawalpindi, peshawar, sialkot, faisalabad & rahim yar khan hajjis are going to pay Rs 302381. You are here to check online completedetails  of hajj flight schedule 2024 from here. Making sure that government private hajj flight schedule 2024 is now announced by govt. All the hajjis will be tranfered to riaz through Pakistani international airline PIA and private airlines ie shaheen airline and saudi airlines. Private hajj flight schedule 2024 is now announced by their airlines and PIA also have announced the  government haj flights 2024 schedule. If you  want more details about hajj flight schedule 2024 then you can contact airlines contact number. Check online hajj 2024 flight schedule and pack your stuff to perform hajj this year. Note that all this information about government hajj Flights 2024 schedule is collected from differnet sources on internet but for authetic news and updates about private Hajj Flights contact airlines helpine number. More over all the updates and news about hajj and hajj scheme 2024 and hajj flight schedule 2024 will be available here that you can check online anytime.

CityAirport NameICAOIATA
Dera Ghazi KhanDera Ghazi Khan International AirportOPDGDEA
FaisalabadFaisalabad International AirportOPFALYP
IslamabadGandhara International Airport (under construction)OPRNISB
JacobabadJacobabad Airport / Jacobabad AirbaseOPJAJAG
ManglaMangla AirportOPMAXJM
MuzaffarabadMuzaffarabad AirportOPMFMFG
ParachinarParachinar AirportOPPCPAJ
PeshawarPeshawar Bacha Khan International AirportOPPSPEW
Saidu SharifSaidu Sharif AirportOPSSSDT
Sehwan SharifSehwan Sharif AirportOPSNSYW
Tarbela DamTarbela Dam AirportOPTATLB
ZhobZhob AirportOPZBPZH
DalbandinDalbandin AirportOPDBDBA
Dera Ismail KhanDera Ismail Khan AirportOPDIDSK
GilgitGilgit AirportOPGTGIL
GwadarGwadar International AirportOPGDGWD
IslamabadBenazir Bhutto International AirportOPRNISB
IslamkotIslamkot International Airport (under construction)
JiwaniJiwani AirportOPJIJIW
KarachiKarachi Jinnah International AirportOPKCKHI
KhuzdarKhuzdar AirportOPKHKDD
LarkanaMoenjodaro AirportOPMJMJD
MultanMultan International AirportOPMTMUX
NawabshahNawabshah AirportOPNHWNS
PanjgurPanjgur AirportOPPGPJG
Pasni CityPasni AirportOPPIPSI
QuettaQuetta International AirportOPQTUET
RawalakotRawalakot AirportOPRTRAZ
Sawan Gas FieldSawan AirportOPSWRZS
SibiSibi AirportOPSBSBQ
SkarduSkardu AirportOPSDKDU
SukkurSukkur Begum Nusrat Bhutto AirportOPSKSKZ
TurbatTurbat International AirportOPTUTUK
ChashmaChashma AirportOP19
ChitralChitral AirportOPCHCJL
GujratGujrat AirportOPGJGJT
HyderabadHyderabad AirportOPKDHDD
KadanwariKadanwari AirportKCF
LahoreLahore Allama Iqbal International AirportOPLALHE
OrmaraOrmara AirportOPORORW
Rahim Yar KhanShaikh Zayed International AirportOPRKRYK
SialkotSialkot International AirportOPSTSKT
SindhriSindhri AirportOPMPMPD
SuiSui AirportOPSUSUL
BahawalpurBahawalpur AirportOPBWBHV
ChilasChilas AirportOPCLCHB
LahoreWalton AirportOPLH


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