OGRA Today CNG Price In Pakistan today 2024

CNG Price In Pakistan today 2024 is now announced by OGRA which is regulating authority in Pakistan. For some days government of Pakistan has added some sales tax on CNG Per KG Rate and now the new price of CNG is Rs. 200 per Kg that very much high.

In the previous year, it was considered that CNG is price affordable than petrol so many people converted their vehicles from petrol to CNG, some transporters converted their buses to CNG although it was very risky and tough work they somehow managed to pass their time with CNG. But now in Pakistan CNG Price Today Per kg is Rs 200 which is higher than petrol so people now have reversed back to petrol after knowing the CNG prices in Karachi.

CNG Gas Price Today 2024

According to the OGRA authority LNG gas prices by companies have increased up to 2.14% and it is all imported so they have to increase the CNG Prices In Lahore. According to the notification, the new price of LNG on the Sui Northern system has been fixed at .3 15.3534 per unit while the new price of LNG on the Sui Southern system will be .0 15.0918 per MMBTU.

The price of LNG in India was .2 13.2175 per unit while the price of LNG on the Sui Southern system in was .9 12.9549 per MMBTU.


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