Wonderful Hair Mask For Your Dry And Frizzy Hairs


Nobody like frizzy hairs because they looks ugly and dirty. Everyone wants shinny and floating hairs with silkness and no dry but if you have fizzy and sticky hairs then stop worring about that because today we have posted a hair mask for frizzy hairs. You might have used many medicine, creams, shampo’s but this hair mask will give you effective results with the hairs that you want in real time. I know this is so embrassing to have frizzy ugly frustrating hairs. This homemade remedy for hair mask will show result in just 10 minutes.

Miracle Hair Mask For Frizzy, Dry And Damaged Hairs

But before you learn the remedy for frizzy hairs let me tell you why hairs turned to frizzy. Hairs become dry and frizzed with following acts.

  • Washing you hairs frequently.
  • Over usage of heat styling tools.
  • By washing your hairs with hot water.
  • Not having proper diet that is benficial for hairs.
  • Maximum use of chemical treatments.

You we will tell you the recipe for hair mask for frizzy hairs to make them shinny and silky. This homemade remedy is very simple and required no time. You just have to collect come ingredients from market and follow some instructions.10-Minute-Miracle-Hair-Mask-For-Dry-Damaged-Rough-And-Frizzy-Hair

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Plain Butter = 3-4 TSP
  2. Glycerin = 1 TSP
  3. Raw milk = 3-4 TSP
  4. Castor oil = 2 TSP
  5. Pure Honey = 2 TSP
  6. Olive oil = 2 TSP


Make butter thick and dissolve it into milk and mix is well and then Add this mixer to a bowl. Then add all the remaining ingredients to this mixer and shake is well until it turns into a smooth paste. Now your hair mask is ready.

How To Apply:

Hold your whole hairs and part them into two.

Take Little amount of mask and rub it to the scalp. (massage well)

Apply this mask from roots of the hairs till the end of the hairs for ten minutes.

After 10 minutes shampoo your hairs and use a conditioner as well.


After a single use, This hair mask will make your hairs shinny and silky.

You can use this hair mask for two time a week for better results.

It acts as a deep moisturizing, reconstructing, and a conditioning mask for your dry and frizzy hair.


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