How To Create Water Droplet Nail Art 3D Design – Easy Tutorial


Nail Art Is going viral these days. Every lady that is free in her home, she surely tries nail art in leasure time. Since simple nail designs were fame among girls and household ladies but now 3D shapes of nail art is getting fame among females. We also have posted this tutorial of “How to make water droplets Nail Art” at home. This art is quite different from other 3D nail arts and it gets much time and attention to be done but they also look gorgeous after you complete them with hard effort.

How To Make Water Droplet Nail Art – Video Tutorial

This nail art will make you unique from your friends and you also will love this nail design. On first attempt may be you will not complete this or this can be damaged but with little practice you will be able to surprise your friends with this wonderful water droplet nail art that looks so beautiful. We have uploaded full video tutorial also with tips and method that is written below.

Things you need:

-> Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White.
-> Essie Matte About You top coat.
-> Maybelline Color Show clear top coat.
-> Green and white acrylic paints.
-> Round edge nail art brush.
-> Dotting tools.
-> Cotton swab.


1) For making drops you have to Mix some green and white paint to get a shade lighter than the green. Apply a base coat layer of that light green paint to nails.

2) Apply Essie Matte top coat.
3) Create small and big dots with green acrylic paint with the help of dotting tool.
4) Lightly dab a wet cotton swab in the center of the green dots, just enough to clear the center area leaving only outer circles of drops.
5) With the help of a dotting tool, place a small blob of clear top coat in the center of the droplets.


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