Muharram Ul Haram Importance With Waqia Karbala Audio Speech In Urdu

Today I will tell you the importance of Muharram ul haram month by explaining the waqaia karbala. Muharram Ul Haram is a precious month of the muslims although all the days of Islamic calendar are precious but this months is special one in the Islamic history because in this month Our prophets beloved grand Son got martyred to save his grandfathers religion. On the 10th day of muharram ul haram Hazrat Imam e Husssain RA Got martyred and writers wrote this day as a waqaia e karbala. Waqia karbala complete history in mp3 format is posted here at the end of the post. You just need to click on the link and download will start automatically. Full Waqia karbala mp3 audio is given that you can also listen online or can download it. In 2017 October 10th is the day for 10th ashura but on that day October 10 was the day of muharram ul haram when beloved grandson of prophet Muhammad SAW got martyred.

Muharram Waqia Karbala Mp3 Audio Full Download Free

Full download waqia karba audio can be downloaded here free of cost. free download waqia karbala in mp3 or mp4 format. waqia karbala history in urdu is also given here in images format so that you can read it and share with your friends so that they can have some more knowledge of 10th Ashura. You can watch online waqia karbala because muharram ul haram waqia karbala is also posted in video format. . hafiz mohsin mushtaq is famous speaker for waqia karbala that people feel sad after they listen his muharram ul haram wakia karbla. Muharram 10th ashura online video can be watched on dailymotion, youtube and on other video streaming websites. karbala waqia in urdu details are here for you.  muharam history in urdu. waqia karbala audio download. waqia karbala history in urdu full article is here download in pdf file.

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