South Asia University Lahore (USA) Admission 2024 Advertisement Notice

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University of South Asia admissions 2024 are now announced for all the candidates who wants to get admission in USA Lahore. University of south asia is founded in Lahore and from all over the Pakistan students come to study here because this is one of the top universities in Pakistan providing quality education to the knowledge seekers. University also provide non educational activities for students so that they can enjoy rewarding activities. University is providing education to the students in very comfortable environment.

University Of South Asia (USA) Lahore Admissions 2024

University Of South Asia Lahore admission 2024 details are here that you can read online. Here you will also know how to submit application form of University Of south asia. USA Lahore university Admission 2024 admission form download link is also available here. University offers admission in various departments. University offers admission in BA, LLB, BMS, BIT, BFID, MBS, MCS, LL-M, MIT, Electrical & civil engineering, B.Sc Accounting and finance, BBA Hons, Management studies and others. University Of South Asia Lahore provide well facilities to the students like air conditioned classrooms, Highly trained staff, Well educated faculty, library, cafe, canteen, play ground, computer and science labs.

Affiliated Colleges With University USA:

There are many colleges that is affiliated with USA University Lahore admissions 2024 and providing studies to many students in various programs ie intermediary studies, management sciences, computer sciences, engineering and technology, law, humanities and social sciences, health sciences and fashion designing. University Of South Asia (USA) Lahore admissions 2024 undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and phD programs. University opens admission twice a year for University of south asia Lahore spring admission 2024 and USA university Lahore autumn semester admission 2024. Every year thousands of students  apply for admission in University of southasia Lahore and seek for University of south asia merit list 2024. Here you can get more details about how to submit admission form of south asia university Lahore.

Download USA University Lahore Admission Form:

You can download prospectus and admission form along with challan form from university website. Fill the admission form with great care and submit to the related department. After that university will conduct entry test to select final candidates list 2024 for undergraduate, postgraduate and phD programs. University conduct entry test by itself. University of south asia offers admission for regular candidates however for distance learning, online classes and private admission please visit examination center of USA. You can also check online details of transportations vehicles, buses and vans from institutes.

Scholarships At University Of South Asia Lhr:

As like other universities South Asia university also provide scholarships to the student who need that. University of south asia scholarships are 100% on merit. University gives scholarship to those only who deserve that. Having good CGPA students also get some discount in next semester so every student put efforts to get that discount. Students achieving more than 70% marks in University of South Asia aptitude test are offered a base scholarship at the occasion of admission. These students can after that convert their base scholarship into full fee award or earn the different level of scholarships as practices.

To Get admission in bachelor’s program candidate must done completed intermediate or equals from a well known institute.

Admission Eligibility Criteria:

  • Intermediate (FA / F. Sc. / ICS)
  • Advance Level Certificate
  • American High School Diploma
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Special Note:
  • Candidates with 3 rd division will not be entitled for admission.
  • Applicants waiting for results can apply on provisional basis.

Documents Needed For Admission:

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Copy of parent’s / guardian’s CNIC
  • 2 recent passport size photographs
  • 2 letters of suggestion
  • Copy of past academic record(s) – transcripts / certificates
  • Copy of character certificate from the last institution attended
  • Copy of work-experience details (if any)

Note that all this information regarding University of South Asia Lahore Admissions 2024 is collected from different sources on internet but for authentic news and updates for USA university lhr admission 2024 visit University Campus.

Programs Offered In USA University Lahore:

Faculty of Computer Science
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Database Systems
Web Technologies
Mobile Applications
Game Programing
Artificial Intellligence
Social Media & E-Business
Graduate Programs
Master of Science in Computer Science
M.Phil in Computer Science
Post Graduate Programs
Ph.D in Computer Science
Faculty of Management Science
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelors of Business Administration – BBA
Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship and SME Management
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Graduate Programs
Master of Business Administration – MBA
Master of Managment Sciences – MS Management
Master of HR Management – MS Human Resource
Master of Science in Marketing – MS Marketing
Post Graduate Programs
PhD Management
Accounting & Finance
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelors of Acounting & Finance – BS Acounting & Finance
Bachelors of Economics – BS Economics
Bachelors in Commerce – B.Com
Graduate Programs
Masters of Accounting & Finance – MS Accounting & Finance
Masters of Economics – MS Economics
Masters in Commerce – M.Com
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Civil Technology
Bachelor of Electrical Technology
Electronics & Electrical Systems
Electronics & Communication
Communication & Info Tech
Environmental Sciences
Graduate Programs
Master of Civil Engineering
Master of Electrical Engineering
MS Electronics & Electrical Systems
MS Environmental Sciences
Post Graduate Programs
PhD Electrical Engineering
PhD Civil Engineering
Faculty of Life & Health Sciences
Undergraduate Programs
Doctor of Physiotherapy
Doctor of Orthotics and Prosthetics
Doctor of Nutrition Sciences (DNS)
BS Food & Nutrition
Bachelors in Biotechnology
Graduate Programs
M.Phill. Nutrition & Dietetics
M.Phil. Public Health and Nutrition
M.Phil. Physiotherapy
M.Phil Biotechnology
Faculty of Art & Design
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelors of Building & Construction
Bachelors of Fashion Design
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelors of Textile Design
Graduate Programs
Master of Building & Construction
Master of Architecture
Master of Fashion Design
Master of Interior Design
Master of Textile Design
Post Graduate Programs
PhD Architecture
Faculty of Law
Undergraduate Programs
LL.B (5 years)
Graduate Programs
Master of Laws ( LL.M.)
Post Graduate Programs
PhD Law
Faculty of Humanities
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Media Studies
Bachelor in Education
Bachelor of Political Sciences
Bachelor of Psychology
Bachelor of English Language & Literature
Electronic Media (Radio , TV and Film)
Print Media (Newspaper , Magazines and Books)
Advertising and Public Relations
Graduate Programs
Master of Media Studies
Master of Education
Master of Political Sciences
Master of Psychology
Masters in Film and Media Studies
Master of English Language & Literature
Post Graduate Programs
PhD Education
PhD Political Science
PhD Psychology
PhD English

University Of South Asia Fee Structure:

Program NameDurationTution FeeAdmission FeeLibrary FeeTotal Fee

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

BA Honors in Early Childhood Education4 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
BS Gender Studies4 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0
BS Honors in Special Needs Education4 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
BS International Relations4 Years674,999.020,000.05,000.0699,999.0
BS Media and Communication4 Years774,999.020,000.05,000.0799,999.0
BS Psychology4 Years774,999.020,000.05,000.0799,999.0
M Phil International Relations2 Years274,999.020,000.05,000.0299,999.0
MA English2-YEAR324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MA Special Education2 Years224,999.020,000.05,000.0249,999.0
Master in Media and Communication2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MPhil Applied Linguistics2-YEAR424,999.020,000.05,000.0449,999.0
MPhil Education2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MPhil Educational Leadership and Management (MPhil ELM)2 years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MPhil English Literature2-YEAR424,999.020,000.05,000.0449,999.0
MPhil Islamic Studies (Major in Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH))2 Years224,999.020,000.05,000.0249,999.0
MPhil Islamic Thought and Civilization2 years224,999.020,000.05,000.0249,999.0
MPhil Media and Communication2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
MPhil Political Science2 Years274,999.020,000.05,000.0299,999.0
MPhil Psychology2 Years274,999.020,000.05,000.0299,999.0
MPhil Sociology2 Years274,999.020,000.05,000.0299,999.0
MPhil Special Education2 Years224,999.020,000.05,000.0249,999.0
MSc Psychology2 Years274,999.020,000.05,000.0299,999.0
PhD Education3 Years399,999.020,000.05,000.0424,999.0
PhD Linguistics and English Literature3-Year424,999.020,000.05,000.0449,999.0
PhD Special Education3 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0

School of Systems and Technology

BS Computer Science4 years1,324,999.020,000.05,000.01,349,999.0
BS in Computing and Data Science4 Years974,999.020,000.05,000.0999,999.0
BS Informatics4 Years974,999.020,000.05,000.0999,999.0
BS Information Technology4 years1,074,999.020,000.05,000.01,099,999.0
BS Software Engineering4 years1,324,999.020,000.05,000.01,349,999.0
MS Computer Science2 Years424,999.020,000.05,000.0449,999.0
MS Information Technology2 Years424,999.020,000.05,000.0449,999.0
MS Software Engineering2 Years424,999.020,000.05,000.0449,999.0
PhD Computer Science3 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0

School of Professional Advancement

Master of Banking and Finance2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Master of Computer Science2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Master of Fashion & Luxury Management2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Master of Human Resource Management2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Master of Information and Communication Technology2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Master of Marketing Management2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Master of Project Management2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Master of Supply Chain Management2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
MS Project Management1.5 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0

School of Commerce and Accountancy

BCom (Hons)4 Years524,999.020,000.05,000.0549,999.0
BCom-IT2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
BS Accounting4 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0
MCom2 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0

School of Textile and Design

Bachelor of Fashion Design4 Years774,999.020,000.05,000.0799,999.0
Bachelor of Graphic Design4 Years774,999.020,000.05,000.0799,999.0
Bachelor of Interior Design4 Years774,999.020,000.05,000.0799,999.0
Bachelor of Textile Design4 Years774,999.020,000.05,000.0799,999.0
MS Graphic Design2 Years399,999.020,000.05,000.0424,999.0
MS Textile2 Years399,999.020,000.05,000.0424,999.0
Phd Textile3 Years524,999.020,000.05,000.0549,999.0

School of Architecture and Planning

B Architecture (Fall only)5 Years1,174,999.020,000.05,000.01,199,999.0
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture4 years749,999.020,000.05,000.0774,999.0
BS City and Regional Planning4 Years974,999.020,000.05,000.0999,999.0
Masters of Architecture2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS Housing and Community Development2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
PhD Architecture3 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0

School of Law and Policy

LLB5 Years1,324,999.020,000.05,000.01,349,999.0
LLM Commercial Law2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0

School of Health Sciences

BS Medical Imaging and Ultrasonography4 years774,999.020,000.05,000.0799,999.0
Doctor of Nutrition Sciences5 years1,174,999.020,000.05,000.01,199,999.0
Doctor of Physiotherapy5 years1,274,999.020,000.05,000.01,299,999.0

Institute of Islamic Banking

MS Islamic Banking and Finance2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0

Institute of Aviation Studies

BS Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology4 Years1,174,999.020,000.05,000.01,199,999.0
BS Aviation Management4 Years1,324,999.020,000.05,000.01,349,999.0

School of Governance and Society

BS Public Administration4 Years524,999.020,000.05,000.0549,999.0
MS Public Policy2 Years299,999.020,000.05,000.0324,999.0
MS Public Policy For Regular Govt Employees2 Years224,999.020,000.05,000.0249,999.0

School of Engineering

BS Civil Engineering4 Years1,474,999.020,000.05,000.01,499,999.0
BS Electrical Engineering4 Years1,474,999.020,000.05,000.01,499,999.0
BS Industrial Engineering4 Years1,174,999.020,000.05,000.01,199,999.0
BS Mechanical Engineering4 Years1,474,999.020,000.05,000.01,499,999.0
MS Civil Engineering2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS Electrical Engineering2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS Engineering Management2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS Mechanical Engineering2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
PhD Electrical Engineering3 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0
PhD Mechanical Engineering3 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0

Institute of Communication and Cultural Studies

BS (Hons) English Language and Linguistics4 Years524,999.020,000.05,000.0549,999.0
BS (Hons) in English Literature4 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0

School of Science

BS Biochemistry4 Years674,999.020,000.05,000.0699,999.0
BS Biotechnology4 Years674,999.020,000.05,000.0699,999.0
BS Chemistry4 Years674,999.020,000.05,000.0699,999.0
BS Mathematics4 Years674,999.020,000.05,000.0699,999.0
BS Physics4 Years674,999.020,000.05,000.0699,999.0
MS Chemistry2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS in Biochemistry2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS in Biotechnology2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS Mathematics2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS Mathematics Weekend2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
MS Physics2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
PhD Chemistry3 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
PhD Mathematics3 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
PhD Physics3 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0

Institute of Clinical Psychology

MS Clinical Psychology2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0
MS Counselling Psychology2 Years324,999.020,000.05,000.0349,999.0
PhD Clinical Psychology3 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0

School of Business and Economics

Bachelor of Business Administration4 years1,474,999.020,000.05,000.01,499,999.0
Bachelor of Business and Information Systems4 years1,274,999.020,000.05,000.01,299,999.0
BS Accounting and Finance4 Years1,074,999.020,000.05,000.01,099,999.0
BS Operations and Supply Chain Management4 Years1,074,999.020,000.05,000.01,099,999.0
MBA 1.5 Years1.5 Years674,999.020,000.05,000.0699,999.0
MBA 2 Years2 Years824,999.020,000.05,000.0849,999.0
MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend)2 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0
MBA Executive2 Years524,999.020,000.05,000.0549,999.0
MS Data Sciences2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0
MS Economics2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0
MS Finance2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0
MS Management2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0
MS Strategic Human Resource Management2 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0
MS Supply Chain Management1.5 Years474,999.020,000.05,000.0499,999.0
PhD Management3 Years574,999.020,000.05,000.0599,999.0
PhD Statistics3 Years374,999.020,000.05,000.0399,999.0
Professional MBA (Evening) 1.5 years1.5 Years524,999.020,000.05,000.0549,999.0
Professional MBA (Evening) 2 years2 Years824,999.020,000.05,000.0849,999.0

School of Food and Agricultural Sciences

BS Dairy Science and Technology4 Years624,999.020,000.05,000.0649,999.0
BS Food Science and Technology4 Years624,999.020,000.05,000.0649,999.0

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