Ufone 3G Internet Packages And Charges Details

Ufone Super 3G Internet Packages And Their Details

3G Network Is Now Availble On Every Mobile Network Jazz, Telenor,Ufone,Zong ETC And The Mobile Companies Are Introducing Many Pakeges On Low Rates To Attract The Customers. On Our This Site We will Tell You About All Mobile Companies 3G Internet Pakeges And Their Charges.

Ufone Also Descover some packeges to atract the customer for 3G internet. Ufone 3G All Internet Packeges And Their Detials Are Given Below.

Ufone 3G Packeges And Details Are Below
1)      Daily Package For Only Rs.10 (40MB)
2)      Daily Special Package For Only 5 (50MB In speed 512KB)
3)      Weekly Package For Rs. 50 (250 MB Speed 512KB)
4)      Weekly Package For Rs.125 (250 MB Speed 1MB)
5)      Monthly Package For Only Rs. 220 (1GB speed 512KB)
6)      Monthly Package For Only Rs. 550 (1GB speed 1MB)
7)      Monthly Package For Only Rs. 725 (1GB speed 3MBPS)
8)      Monthly Package For Only 250 (1.5GB speed 512 KB)
9)      Monthly Package For Only 675 (1.5GB speed 1MBPS)
10)  Monthly Packages For Only 900 (1.5GB speed 3MBPS)



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