Top Ten Most Proftable Business That You Can Start Without Money

top ten profitable business that you can start without money in pakistan

A lot of young boys in pakistan are jobless and searching for a best business to starty their career. In this regard every person wants to invest low amount and desires to have big reward. In this article we will tell you about top 10 business those are proftable and have no investment. You can earn huge amount of money without investing a single penny. These proftable small business is best for student that they can earn for their studies. Some of these business are that you can start from your home on sitting your bed or couch.

Top Ten Proftable Business Without Investing Money

If you have low budget investment then there is some projects for you that you can start and earn money at home. Only you have your skills, technology information and capabilities to earn much money online. There are many website telling you the small business that starts with low budget but at we will tell you about busniness that cost 0 rupees. Differnet quick business ideas that you can earn money very quickly. you can learn about how to make money online at home.

Freelancing (Writer, web Developer, web Designer, Graphic Designer, Youtuber):

This is most trending and proftable business in pakistan to earn money from internet. If you have a mobile or laptop pc and an active internet connection then you can start making money online from different websites that provide you platform to improve your skill and to earn money from internet. On these websites you take projects from strangers and got payment after you done their work. If you have any skill then sign up on those websites.

HomeMade Food (Cakes, Lunch, Dinner, Cupcakes Etc):

Many people who works in offices or factories near your home did not bring their lunch boxes. If you are expert in making food then you can provide them a lunch box. This business is for housewives and male who can cook. Many people in pakistan providing the lunch box and breakfasts to the people in factories and offices.

DIY Crafts:

There are many online websites and also youtuber channels that can teach you to make crafts. You can learn from them and can make your own crafts that you can sell on any retailer shop that will give much money. As time passes then you will become expert then you can make your own shop. People love very much hand madeĀ  adornments and other products so you can earn money through this way.

Social Media Expert:

Everybody uses Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest nowadays, yet did you realize that many organizations will pay individuals to enable them to deal with their online networking accounts at times even part time from home.

Interior Designer or Freelancer Event Planner:

You have done a short diploma on interior designing or event manager then you can start your own business. You should contact to companies and offices that gives their employees a chance to enhance their home. You can take projects of their houses to decorate their home in small budget. Trust me its very proftable at all.

Vloging On Youtuber:

Youtube is most paying online job in world that you can start by vloging. If you are expert in shoting video then you can start this business. Just you need to have a high resulution camera and a pc or laptop to upload video on youtube. In this era every person have a mobile, camera or tablet so every person can start this business of vlog. You have to shot your nearest famous places and then post them to youtube. You can have a handsome amount of monery from youtube.

Home tutor:

In this era many people earn through home tution because a lot of students do not wants to go academy or other institute because of their hasitation. You should contact some academies, tution centers that if a students wants home tutor then they can contact to will earn monthly 15000-20000 easily with that if you are much qualified.

Mobile Repairing:

There are many colleges and institutes providing you the knowledge about cell phone repairing then you can own a shop in your area after you learn how to repair a mobile.

Tour Guide:

If you love traveling then you can earn money from this by becoming a touriest guide. Meet forigen people who come to your country and wishes to visit your area. Take them with you and visit them your beautiful places and earn money.


You are good at typing on Computer then you can earn money by this. You can offer your services to differnet companies. They will give you differnet projects by compliting this you can earn money.


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