Telenor Talkshawk Daily Weekly Monthly SMS Packages

Telenor-SMS-Packages-daily-weekly-monthly-webstudy.pkTelenor Talkshawk Have many SMS offers For you and you Can subscribe To any one. The all Telenor SMS Packages are best in price Because All Of Them Are On Affordable Prices. Telenor Talkshawk SMS Bundles Contains best range of quantity.


You can avail any one from the huge sms offers like Talkshawk Daily SMS Bundle Talkshawk Weekly SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 5 Day SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 15 Day Value SMS Bundle, Talkshawk 7 Day Mini Budget Offer, Talkshawk 50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer and Talkshawk 100 Minutes Mini Budget Offer that are the most cheapest Offer.

The other cities offer are Sindh Offer, Multan City Offer, Meri Pasand Offer, Talkshawk SIM Lagao Offer and Talkshawk 3/3 Offer that are fully free to entertain You. Telenor Talkshawk ‘Mahana Rakhwala’ Is Also a Best Offer For Telenor Customers So That When They subscribe to This Offer They Can Entertain You For The Whole Month Within Low Rates. The more one are the Telenor TalkShawk sms messaging offers that include Talkshawk Daily , Talkshawk Weekly , Talkshawk Monthly and Talkshawk 15 Day SMS Bundle for you.

SMS Package Name Charges Quantity Valid Till How to Subscribe Extras
Daily SMS Bundle Rs. 3.50 200 1 Day Dial:*345*116# No
Weekly SMS Bundle Rs. 12.00 800 7 Days Dial:*345*117# No
5 Day SMS Bundle Rs. 7.17 300 5 Days Dial:555 or *345*015# No
15 Day Economy SMS Bundle Rs. 14.34 600 15 Days Dial:*345*112# No
15 Day Value SMS Bundle Rs. 38.24 1500 15 Days Dial:555 or *345*005# No
7 Day Mini Budget Offer Rs. 86.00 1000 7 Days Dial:*345*247# 50 MB Net & 500 Mins
50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer Rs. 14.50 300 1 Day Dial:*240# 4 MB Net & 50 Mins
100 Minutes Mini Budget Offer Rs. 18.00 300 1 Day Dial:*050# 3 MB Net & 100 Mins
Sindh Offer Rs. 13.00 SMS 1 Day Dial:*5*255# Unlimited Calls
Multan City Offer Rs. 5.00 SMS 1 Day Dial:*345*611# Rs.1+Tax/Min on other networks, Unlimited Calls, 50 MB Net
Meri Pasand Offer Based on usage Based on usage Daily Dial:5544 Internet & Calls Based on usage
Talkshawk SIM Lagao Offer Free 1000 15 Days Dial IVR 2222 to avail the offer 1000 Onnet Mins & 1000MB Net
Talkshawk 3/3 Offer Rs. 36.00 300 3 Days Dial:*345*243# 300 Minutes & 30 MB internet
Talkshawk Mahana Rakhwala Rs. 418.00 3000 30 Days Dial:*345*30# 3000 Onnet Min & 300 MB Free Internet


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