Remedy To Reduce Obesity Naturally To Get Slim Qucikly In Just Days

weight lose remdy by dr

If you are searching for weight lose tips then you are on right place. We will discuss here the causes of obesity and about its solution and today we will tell you a herbal remedy to get rid of extra weight and look smart. Obesity causes by the over eating and not doing any routine exercise. More over non-healthy food, fast food that is nowasays is trend is also a main cause of obesity. If you are suffering from obesity then you do not need to be worried anymore because today we have a herbal medicine make tutorial for you to get smart in day.

Dr Bilquis Homemade Remedy To Lose Weight Quickly

There are many medicine’s provided in stores for weight lose but they also have reverse effect but our this herbal medicine have not side effects because it contains only herbal ingredients those are beneficial for health. You just have to get the ingredients from the market and follow some simple steps to make this herbal medicine for weight loose.

How To Reduce Obesity Naturally to Get Slim Quickly

With the use of this herbal daily remedy medicine you will lose weight quickly and look smart in days not months but you have to manage daily routine wise exercise for just 20 minutes and you will look smarter and beautiful.

The herbal medicine that we are going to share with you is also for increased serum insulin level. You can also use it for high triglycerides level. Making of this remedy is very simple and is a mixture of two ingredients that are easily available in market.


Ingredients Needed:

  1. Curry leaves = 50 grams
  2. Betel leaves = 50 grams betel


To make a mixture for naturally weight lose take equal quantity of both leaves (kurry and betel) and just grind those leaves after getting dry in sun light for some days.

How to Use:

If you have much weight then you have to take 1 spoon of this herbal medicine with meal.

For better results you can take this powder with honey in morning with empty stomach.


You can take it with warm water (you can add lemon juice too) with empty stomach.


If you are a diabetic patient (sugar patient) then don’t take this powder EMPTY STOMACH.


Curry leaves are very effective for blood pressure and increased serum insulin levels. Curry leaves are also meaningful to reduce your obesity and high level of cholesterol. It is also effective for insulin this is why you don’t have to take it empty stomach because it will decrease your blood sugar level.

So, looking smart is not a dream anymore. You don’t need to do any hard exercises. Just take this medicine and do little daily routine exercise for better results.


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