Phillip Hughes Dies Due to Head Injury by Bouncer

SYDNEY: Australia’s domestic tournament, “Sheffield Shield” while batting during a match head injuries caused by the ball batsman Phillip Hughes, who died young. Phillip Hughes - ESPN Cricinfo WIki Picture Bios

Cricket is a game of risks. but many players learned cricket ball. many players had career, became the latest victim of a cricket ball in Sydney Australian opener Phillip Hughes Sean Abbott. who was on the ball and the provision of forty-eight hours He died after being caught in the dilemma of the nineteen hundred and fifty-four wickets in Karachi Abdul Aziz during the capping head on a throw and he died.

Raman LAM Indian cricket fielding at silly point in the course of nineteen hundred and eighty Bangladeshi batsman Mehrab Hossain powerful shot wounds to the head. while the non-participant Sheffield Shield match in Sydney Hughes were playing, betting suddenly leaped over the medium-pacer Shaun Philip Abbott to hook a ball and miss the shot Ball Hughes, Hughes casts forty-eight hours of the head are treated at the hospital, the surgery, but he was killed.

Cricket Ball has several great players injured and dying children, nineteen hundred cricket World The quickest bowler Jeff Thomson, the world’s greatest batsman the ball head at Sir Vivian Richards, Perth wicket Thompson Helmet wearing batting without the bouncer and do what it tastes great Richards, Richards, but he kept the worst A month after recovering from injury and was then ground, and the match Jeff Thompson also spent three sixes in an over.

19 hundred opener Aftab Gul, the head of the Pakistani opener Alan Ward in Birmingham test Aftab Gul took the ball, and ended his career, nineteen hundred eighty matches against the World XI Javed Miandad hit the ball over the head of Dennis Lille, Miandad severe injury to the hospital two years remained outside the Cricket Miandad saved but started to wear helmets.

Indian opener Chris Sri Kanth large dark without batting helmet on and to play the famous players like Malcolm Marshall, sixes were already over, but Wasim Akram was encountered Kanth on the ball and could not play cricket for Sri kanth. Pakistani opener kV medium-pacer Anderson also was on the ball and they are not yet fit.


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