Pak Air Force Songs & Videos

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is a Plays An Important Role in the defense of Pakistan. The importance of air force can never be neglected. Have strong air force means have a strong castle, I love the video which has the story because it was edited pretty well, they used free fcpx plugins from which is an awesome video editor. Pakistan Air Force has been achieving a lot of award since its foundation. PAF was founded on August 14, 1947, on the day of independence of Pakistan.

At present, PAF has almost 65,000 full-time personnel in which 3,000 are pilots while 10,000 are reservists. PAF is the part of the Pakistan Armed Forces and its headquartered is in Islamabad by the name of Air Force Headquarter.

The objective and mission of the PAF are to work with other sections of the Pakistan Armed Forces to assure the strong defense of the Pakistan. Since the date of foundation in 1947, the PAF has been involved in various operations and providing aerial support to Armed Force in operation and relief works. Suhail Aman is the current Air Chief Marshal.

Aasmanon Ko Choomaty Hain

In Fizaon Say Agay


Sher dil Shaheen

Tum Hee Say Aey Mujahido

Har Jahan se Agay

Pakistan Air Force Audio & MP3 Songs

New In Fiazon Mai
Mujahidine Aflak
Watan Ki Beti
PAF Ooncha
PAF Meshup Song
Leading from the Front
A Tribute to Sherdils
Aey Hawa k Rahion
Har Jahan Say Agay
Dharkan Main Josh
Ghazi Ya Shaheed
Aye Rah-e-Haq Kay Shaheedo
Jhapatna Palatna
Hawaoon Ka Sipahi
Tum Hi Say Aye Mujahido
In Fizaoon Say Agay
Jis Manzil Kay Safar
Hawai Foj Kay Uqab
Unchi Uranein


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