Mobilink Jazz 3G Internet Packages 2021 – Daily Weekly Monthly 3 Days

Mobilink Jazz is pakistan’s number one telecom company that have millions of customers and have coverage in almost all the Pakistan. To attract those customers mobilink jazz have invented many packages ie jazz call packages, jazz daily call packages, mobilink weekly call packages. Mobilink also have introduced many sms packages ie daily, weekly and jazz monthly internet package code. Jazz also come with 3G coverage in all over the Pakistan. Mobilink jazz also have many internet packages of 3G so that every person can choose its needy one. For example persons who use only facebook, twitter, whatsapp or any other social webs can get the mobilink jazz social bundle internet package that will give them free facebook, whatsapp etc. Mobilink jazz is also famous for its rates of bundles, offers and packages. Jazz have lowest internet packages in rates.

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages – 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, 30 Days


Today in this article you will know about mobilink jazz internet package 2021 that you can use anytime in 2021 year. Mobilink jazz 3G internet package for 1 day is very famous package by jazz. 3 day jazz 3G internet package 2021 along with 3G weekly internet package 2021 can also be checked from that is right place to get mobilink jazz 3G monthly internet package 2021 details. Here you can know about latest price, charges, terms and conditions of all the jazz weekly 3g internet package and all the mobilink jazz internet bundle offers. You can avail any package by dialing the subscribe code of jazz 3G internet package 2021. Although you can also get the 4G internet package details here because jazz is now offering the 4G internet packages 2021 for their customers. 3G is faster then 4G so you should buy a 3G internet package because it have coverage in all over the Pakistan. 3G internet pkg make possible for you to browse faster, video chatting, using social website ie facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. you can also get information about jazz internet package 2021 subscription codes and un subscription codes along with terms and conditions of all the internet package 2021 by Mobilink jazz.

Mobilink Jazz 3G Daily Internet Packages:

Price20 PKR
Data100 MBs
Validity24 Hours
How to Subscribe*117*1#
Check Remaining Data*117*1*2#

Jazz Super Daily 3G/4G Package:

Price29.88 PKR
Data200 MBs
Validity24 Hours
How to Subscribe*117*4#
Check Remaining Data*117*4*2#

3 Days Mobilink 3g Internet Packages:

Price41.83 PKR
Data300 MBs
Validity3 Days
How to Subscribe*117*3#
Check Remaining Data*117*3*2#

Weekly Mobilink 3g Internet Packages:

Price50 PKR
Data300 MBs
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*117*3#
Check Remaining Data*117*3*2#

Jazz Super Mobilink 3G/4G Weekly Internet Package

Price110 PKR
Data1000 MBs
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*117*47#
Check Remaining Data*11747*2#

Jazz Weekly Extreme 3g Internet Package

Price70 PKR
Data1000 MBs
Validity7 days (Used between 2AM and 2PM)
How to Subscribe*117*14#
Check Remaining Data*117*14*2#

Monthly 3g Internet Packages:

Jazz 3G/4G Browser Package:

Price160 PKR
Data1500 MB
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*77#
Check Remaining Data*117*77*2#

Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Lite Package:

Price250 PKR
Data3 GB
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*31#
Check Remaining Data*117*31*2#

Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Smart Package:

Price500 PKR
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*30#
Check Remaining Data*117*30*2#

Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Heavy Package:

Price1200 PKR
Data13 GBs
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*32#
Check Remaining Data*117*32*2#

Jazz 3G Internet Hybrid Package:

Price478 PKR
Data2 GBs
Minutes1000 SMSs (Any Network)
SMS1000 SMSs (Any Network)
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*40#
Check Remaining Data*117*40*2#


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