Medical Education In Pakistan Except MBBS, BDS & AHS

A lot of students do medical in intermediate to get admission in high ranked medical colleges to fullfill their need of knowledge. Most of them wishes to do MBBS or BDS whose they thing that these are highly ranked professions in pakistan but they don’t know that they have many other departments whose are equaly ranked with MBBS or BDS. For those students and for their info we are going to tell you if don’t get admission in any medical college or university then don’t be worried about that because you have many other option in medical departments. There are several courses in field of medical that you can choose. Some of them are given below.

Medical Education After Intermediate Except MBBS

Medical Courses After Intermediate Except MBBS

1.Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)*
2.Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm- D) *
3.Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) *
4.Doctor of Diet and Nutritional Sciences (DDNS) ***
5.BS Medical Laboratory Technology ***
6.BS Medical Imagining Technology **
7.BS Optometry **
8.BS Operation Theater Technology*
9.BS Emergency and Intensive Care Technology *
10.BS Speech and Language Pathology
11.BS Dental Technology
12.BS Cardiac Perfusion Technology
13.BS Anesthesiology ***
14.BS Renal dialysis Technology
15.BS Molecular Medicine
16.BS Orthotics and Prosthetic
17. BS Biotechnology
18. BS Genetic Engineering

1.  These Courses are most Demanding and well paid course Now a days in Pakistan.
2. These are well paid and best Recommended Courses for Females.
3. These are Important and Value able courses for upcoming years
4. Rest of The all courses are best enough to earn money and respected profession
5. Course No 17,18 are best emerging and most Demanding courses for upcoming 10 years in Pakistan.

Mostly Asked:  How Much scope is there for these courses?
Respect Your Profession, In return you will be respected as a professional
Note: All the Above Courses are not Diplomas these are 4 year Graduate Courses equal to Masters. Govt Jobs at BPS 17, “Gazetted Officers”.


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