Latest Khaddar Shawl Vol 2 Collection 2019 by Shariq Textile

Latest Latest khaddar shawl vol.2 2014-2015 by Shariq Textile (4)

In each winter Shariq Textiles come with amazing and superb quality fashion product for latest. This time for winter they have revealed new Shariq Textile winterScarf design for women. Shariq Textiles launched new khadi Shawl Collection 2019 Volume 2 for ladies. This Collection specially launched for winter season. Shariq Textiles is one among the celebrated and leading fashion complete of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Shariq Textiles was established in year 2009 and since then they need launched such a big amount of Collection for each sort of age of ladies. Shariq Textiles Pakistani celebrated textile designers complete deals all told forms of seasonal vesture with top quality materials that’s the essential demand of the market.

This latest Collection Shariq Textile has introduced new and spectacular fashion trends. These khadi scarf dresses embellished with ancient floral styles likedotted, classic, leaves, mosaic and plenty of different digital prints. terribly lovely and enticing colours are utilized in these dresses.

These dresses are fabulous for party wear and formal wear still as winter wear. terribly bright colours are used likeinexperienced,Red,Pink,Blue,Black and then several colours. Here you’ll be able to realizejapanese impressed dresses. Hope you prefer it. Shariq Textiles khadi Shawl or Scart Vol.2 Collection 2019 for Women…


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