Maryam Nawaz Son Junaid Safdar Wedding Dress Sherwani Pics

Pakistani famous politician Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who is now in London is not in Pakistan for his grand son’s wedding ceremony in Pakistan where Maryam Nawaz Son Junaid Safdar Wedding Dress Sherwani is looking so beautiful that boys are ordering it online from many websites and designers are copying that design.

Junaid Safdar Wedding Dress Sherwani Designs

Junaid Safdar Wedding Dress Pictures are viral on social media as they have lion portrait on the buttons. Junaid Safdar is son of Maryam Nawaz Sharif who is main leader of Pakistani political party PMLN. Her son Junaid Safdar Wife pictures are also there in this post that you can check. Junaid safdar wedding was placed in London but now in Pakistan Lahore Jati Umra Maryam Nawaz Son Junaid Safdar Walima Sherwani design is very much beautiful and elegant that everyone love its color, design and texture.

Junaid Safdar Wedding Pictures & Wife Name

Junaid Safdar wedding ceremony was held at London, Lahore & Islamabad. Here in article we will show you the Maryam Nawaz Son Wedding Dresses Photos so that you can also copy that sherwani design. People are appreciating Junaid Safdar Marriage Dresses Pics on social media & internet.


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