Website to Donate Money For Imran Khan PTI

Chairman of Pakistan tehreek e Insaf has launched a new website to collect donations from overseas Pakistanis and fans of Imran khan PTI as now he is not Prime Minister Of Pakistan. In a press conference, Imran Khan PTI asked Pakistanis who do live in foreign countries to donate some money for their jalsa & Pakistan Independence movement. In this article, you will know about How to Donate money on Namanzor website.

How To Donate Money On Website

Pakistan democratic movement PDM & opposition of government in national assembly presents the no-confidence movement and as the result of that movement, Prime Minister Imran Khan disqualify for the seat of prime minister & he went back to his old home in bani gala. In a video message, Imran Khan asked the people of Pakistan to get out of their homes and protest against this imported government in Pakistan and demand to conduct fair elections in Pakistan.

How To Donate On Namanzoor com Website

to donate money to Imran khan website follow the simple steps given below.

  • Go the website or click here to go there.
  • Click on the button “Click Here To Donate”
  • There will be a page open asking for your name, region, city, NIC, address & mobile number.
  • After that you will be asked for paying option like Paypal or debit card.
  • After that you will see recipt of donation and thankyou messege by imran khan.

 اس کے علاوہ ملتے جلتے نام پر ڈونیشن نہ کریں

  ویب سائیٹ پر بہت زیادہ ٹریفک آنے کی وجہ سے ویب سائیٹ ڈاون ہو گئی تھی

 چونکہ یہ ویب سائیٹ صرف بیرون ملک پاکستانیوں کے لیے ہے اس لیے پاکستان سے اسکو آپ نہیں کھول سک

 یہ اس لیے کیا گیا ہے کہ ویب سائیٹ سرور پر زیادہ لوڈ نہ پڑے

  پاکستان سے باہر تمام ملکوں کے لیئے یہ ویب سائیٹ آپریشنل ہے

 اگر آپ کو کوئی مشکل پیش آ رہی ہے تو کمنٹ باکس میں اظہار کریں

If you are a Pakistani and want to donate Imran khan Imported Govt NaManzoor fund raising then you can donate in Pakistan tehreek insaf official bank account that is given below.

  • A/c Title: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  • A/c No.0602-79010514-03
  • Swift Code : HABBPKKA
  • IBAN # PK70 HABB 0006 0279 0105 1403
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • CDA-Civic Centre
  • G-6-Islamabad


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