How Much Is Fidya For Ramzan 2024 In Pakistan

Fidiya is a religious donation and it is given to all those people who don’t have money to spend on eid. It is the duty of every Muslim who can afford to give it. every ramzan people search for Fidya amount in Pakistan to give. This year 2024 Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman who is chairman of the Royait e hilal Committee set a fixed amount of fidya that comes in the form of cash or eatable things. Fidya is for those people who did not do fast in Ramzan due to any cause then they have to give fidya for each roza. Here at you can get all the information that you can need to know about the amount of Fidia for missing Ramzan Roza During 2024 in Rupees.

How Much Is Fidya For Ramzan 2024 in Pakistan

There should be a solid reason if you are missing a roza and fidia is compensation for all those who are not fasting. Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman has also set the amount for Eid fitrana 2024 for a single individual that is One Hundred Rupees PKR. Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman also said that all Muslims should give this Eid Fitrana and Roza Fidya 2024 and if you can afford more to give then you should donate more than a fixed amount. You should fast for whole month of Ramzan but if you are not healthy fit or there is another cause for that then you have to donate fidya for ramzan 2024.

How Much Is Fidya For Ramzan Pakistan


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